Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak First Step [Video]

Yesterday we reported about the Australian developer, Chris Walshie who is working hard to develop a way to jailbreak WP7 as well as he was successfully able to prove a method to run "native unmanaged code" on a retail Windows Phone 7 device. Let's check out this in action.

I’ll be posting the code in a couple of days, need to clean it all up. And yes, it’s a managed app running unmanaged code :)

You’ve got FULL access, create, delete, browse files etc. Just can’t delete system ROM files, IE coredll.dll (obviously).

I would imagine that we'll see the new third-party jailbreak store apps very soon, as the developers won't find the complexities such as those on iOS Jailbreak. What do you think? [via Walshie]

Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Soon

Away from Apple iOS devices, it looks like we will see a new jailbreak scene, but this time will be on Windows Phone 7 theater. This came few weeks after the launch of Windows Phone 7 around the world, so we are about to start the cat and mouse game.
According to iStartedSomething, an Australian developer called Chris Walshie was successfully able to prove a method to run “native unmanaged code" on a retail Windows Phone 7 device.
The pieces started falling into place when user “hounsell” on noticed the a third-party application in the WP7 marketplace (Network Profile by Samsung) used “native” code, not Silverlight-managed code as all non-Microsoft apps should.

Upon closer inspection, he documented some interesting characteristics of the application that gave it its native capabilities – most notably a DLL called “Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices”, which if poked the right way provided COM access.
After this techie quotation, what is the conclusion ? what is the impact on the Windows Phone 7 user? We expect to see a method or a tool to jailbreak this OS very soon which will be followed by a third party jailbreak store apps just as iOS devices Cydia app store. Of course these jailbreak apps will give your WP7 phone new powers. What do you expect?

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