car audio

Car audio installation is a fairly specialized job, requiring at least some knowledge about the basics of car designs and electronics. The final audio output depends to a large extent on good installation. You may buy the best equipment, but if it is not properly installed, then the result will be poor. The entire set up consisting of wires, amplifiers, alternators, and speakers would have to be perfectly set up for that great audio effec.

Speaker location is perhaps the most important part of setting up your car audio. Determining where you are going to place your speakers is the first step you have to take. The designs of cars are such that the listener isn’t placed perfectly in middle of the two speakers. What we mean to say is that the distance between the left speaker and the left ear is not the same as the right ear and the right speaker, which is a traditional audio setup. You can easily avoid this problem by making the distance between the left and right as little as possible. Some people try to place an extra speaker on the dashboard. The problem with this is that this speaker on the dashboard rips the sound into two, making for unpleasant hearing. You can try placing the audio in different locations around the car and arrive at the proper configuration for your speakers. Another mistake which commonly occurs is that people tend to go for looks rather than the sound, when it comes to car audio. Try to listen, rather than look. Some unlikely places inside your car may be the best for placing speakers.

Choosing the location of subwoofers and amplifiers is relatively easy. You can place them where you feel they will look good. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that different equipment may interfere with each other, if improperly placed. The next step is the wiring part, which is equally important. The thing with laying cables is to buy the correct cable keeping in view the capacity of the amplifier and speakers. Next in line is the installation of the head unit and amplifiers. Once you install them, you have to select the correct type of speaker enclosure. Although the choice is yours, you can try different types of enclosures and choose one which gives the best audio output. A final fine tuning, preferably with professional help and your car aud