iBuilder 1.06b - Make Your Own Custom Firmware | Windows Or Winpwn

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 iBuilder, a nifty new project by rotem25, allows you to select from a large list of items for your iPhone, and create a package which can then be added to your internalPackages in iPwnage and used to create a custom firmware for your iPhone.
 You can then use iTunes to simply restore your iPhone to the new firmware, with all your favorite apps, sources, or packages already in there. Not too bad...

[Beta Release] Pwn Your Phone with Windows | Winpwn
So there has been constant talk and anticipation for the ability to pwn your phone with Windows ever since the release of PwnageTool for OSX. Now all you windows users can give it a shot with the beta release of Winpwn.

While you can use this to pwn your phone many features are disabled until cmw feels that they are stable enough for the public.

Disabled features:
  • 2.0+ support
  • Most applications
  • Baseband unlocking

What it should do:

Pwn your phone. Create custom pwnd 1.1.4 with installer that is not unlocked.

To Use:

Download Winpwn beta and put the itunes dll file inside the Winpwn program files directory. You may have to put the phone in recovery mode manually if Winpwn doesnt do it automatically.

Winpwn0.99.1.8Beta Download | Mirror
iTunes DLL | Mirror