MODIFIKASI Honda City Tipe Z 2001
Amanda Amrul still loyal hearts of pure elegance, with Honda City Type-Z is a perfect figure of an elegant more eye appealing. Straightforward characters with straight lines on the body kit results Jogja Speed MODIF house plots.

Pools filled with wheels fenders then Fabolous 19 "which diameter entwined with 215/35/19 Accelera detail in order to bring the elegance of the exterior face. Handle door Toyota Innova adequately represent an elegant impression with a touch crom decorate in all four doors. Finishing with a white exterior more attractive with a touch of minimalist cutting sticker.

Ineterior elegant atmosphere in detail delivered by the alligator in the corner seat. The combination of black and brown leather semi MB was obtained from the plots Maple Jogja Tech.

Momo pedal set spoty's aura, but shiftknob Garson and a few other details such as the interior rearview mirror or door locks are also newfangled Garson enough to dominate the aura of elegance to the cabin.

Audio installation on an interior cabin go do it perfectly. Head unit and CD changer is selected Pioneer products are supported by two units of different power amplifiers Venom character.

One form of monoblock subwoofer in order to raise the performance of the Harmonic Drive, while a Channel 4 special service or midle range tweeter speakers Fearless, Venom, and also Grandour. Not forgetting also Symbion complete LCD TV In Car Entertainment knitted this. | DNR

BODY KIT: Elegance by Jogja Speeed, DOOR Handle: Toyota Inova, wheels: Fabulous 19 ", TIRE: 215/35/19 Accelera, INTERIOR: MB Tech by Maple Jogja, pedal SET: Momo, SHIFTKNOB: Garson, HEADUNIT / CD Changer : Pioneer, Power Amplifier: Venom Monoblok & 4 Channel, Subwoofer: Harmonic Drive, Tweeter / MIDDLE SPEAKER: Fearless, venom, & Grandous, LCD TVs: Pioneer & Symbion