MODIFIKASI Honda Civic Type-R
Ashley Oliver, senior technical manager at a Mercedes dealership in Bristol, England showed skill and creativity. Kupe he built a sports car, only for two people with opening doors scissors model. His work was called K1 Attack.

execution, according to Oliver spent 4000 working hours or 167 days or five and a half months. Despite his own preparations have been implemented since 2006.

Interestingly, for the selected machine instead of a Mercedes, but have a Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 L combined with manual gearbox 6 Type-R acceleration level. 246 PS power output after receiving an equivalent improvement such as when preparing the body and legs.

The amount of power surge thanks to modifications to the air inlet using HKS products, disposable batteries racing model, and the supercharger conversion. 2000 cc race this kitchen is piled on top of the pipe steel chassis with composite body of carbon fiber material.

For the interior, installed Clarion audio system design with high taste, plus amplifayer DVD, speakers, navigation systems and cameras to resign. Both seats are designed model racing cars (racing).

"I've been four times to build the car and always had a strong original concept in mind, the design and specifications. I always check each new component is used, so I was really confident and fun of me," says Oliver.

Admittedly, building a car is not cheap. For example, for all four wheels Asanti brand chosen from America, he must spend Rp104 million (means only Rp26 million). continue, wear body that composite materials also spent thousands of pounds Sterling.

Not to mention changing the position of the steering wheel to the right, interior, suspension, lights (front and back), plus hundreds of nuts and bolts. "If any want to be sold, I already spend quite a lot. So, now used for fun first.