Modifying cars with extreme force into a separate calculation for each individual. You see, related funds and other readiness to become the focus of the jury and guests in the event of modification contest.

As did Andi Makassau, Ferio 1996 Honda owner who was crowned King on the show Extreme Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 which was held in Makassar, 19 to 20 June 2010.

Dare to create breakthrough classified-style cars in the Extreme
Makassar. The aim is none other than to satisfy the personal self.

"When talking about extreme modification was not talking about funding and
comfort. The important thing is how do I desire is achieved, "said Andi to detikOto in Makassar last weekend.

Pilat-pillar of the car was dismantled just to get all desire. After that stripped the car seat just to instill 18 speakers and three tweeters which
equipped with screens 17 inches and 200 W power powerless and four CH and 500 WXI.

Throughout the body kit was pinned by using fiber materials. It was he
do up the front and rear bumpers. Other Modification he did on both the front door carrying the gullwinger concept.

To give the impression of extreme, Andi change the position of the steering wheel to the center. Not to forget
by pinning the BMS Motorsport steering wheel a la costum. The execution of the wheel revolutionized the position not long, it only takes half months with the repositioning terod, ball joint.

Unfortunately there is not much to be done to increase engine performance. "The machine is not much changed. Only some of the electrical system alone," said the father of four children.

After the affair is finished, now matter the color. With imagination Andi
smear mustard accented with a combination of six colors sea. While for the legs, Andi supplement it with Kony shcok combined with a screw HNR. While after-market footprint ring pinned rim 20. "The name of fun blue brake with accents of sea monsters," said Andi.

Then, what about the funds. Andi does not want to comment on the matter,
the grounds are not counted.

struggle considered successful. Because, before the contest in Makassar, June 19 to 20
then, the 'Sea Monster' was also crowned King of Extreme at mat
same in Makassar a few years ago. And never stop in Surabaya for modifications to the 2003 contest