MODIFIKASI McLaren SLR Berlapis 5 Kg Emas dan 600 Rubi

Last year, this gold-plated car was modified by the owner, now a luxury car has been completed. Crazy, gold is pinned to the car has a weight of up to 5 kilograms.

The car named McLaren SLR 999 was first shown in May 2010 and will be back on display at the event modifications MY CAR in Dortmund, Germany starting 11 to 14 November 2010.

As quoted Worldcarfans, Thursday (11.11.2010), SLR McLaren 999 itself was designed by Swiss designer, Ueli Anliker which indeed has been experienced for 35 years pinned various jewelry kemobil.

Crazy again, 5 kg of gold in this car spread to several parts of a car like the steering wheel, audio controls, dashboard and doortrim. Even the car rim was also made of gold.

This expensive cars coated with gold and ruby jewel! Most people who understand the art of course will say great! However, they are likely to see the principle of benefit will be saying, "Mad Wahh!"

Zubehör & News, Germany, explained, the gold plating on the McLaren car was done by a designer from Switzerland, Ueli Anliker, with experience installing gems or diamonds in the car for 35 years. In this SLR McLaren, Ueli also added 600 rubies with the largest diameter of 35 mm.

Insurance experts estimate, the value of this car is about 5 million Swiss francs or 3.7 million euros (USD 41.5 billion). According Anlier, the value does not include the wages of 30,000 hours of work to handle this project. The car will be on display starting today until 14 November in Dortmund, Germany.

Not only that, Ueli Anliker also apply for the 600 grain rubies in this car. Some rubies that up to 35 mm in diameter.

No doubt, the feel of luxury and sporty at the same time sticking to. Moreover, the driver also sits on the golden seat, steering wheel with gold, pass a gold tooth on the shift knob and foot pedals are also of gold.

In short, this car looks very dazzling the eye of the beholder.

That's why no wonder that to make the SLR McLaren 999, Ueli Anliker take up to 30 thousand hours. Want to know the official price? McLaren SLR 999 was worth about 5 million francs, or about USD 46.3 billion. It was still calculated from the number of insurance only, not calculated wage working hours of 30,000 hours to make this car