Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 GSR which you see now is not just a car that could only be enjoyed on weekends only. But more than that, because its owner, Ebel, risking his Evo 8 to compete in the drag race event. Thus, tuning is done starting all out. "But this car can cave touring racing settings," open Ebel, who is also frontman Motorsport Wisesa this workshop.

These differences in the two races made it impossible to re-think to rebuild the compound with the event in order to compete on a straight track racing. Okay, as an illustration of the seriousness of Ebel, no one else untouched sector of skilled hands. But it is the main focus in the kitchen there are changes as power generation pacemakers. Although only be used for speeding on a straight track, congenital 4G63T engine should be given therapy in order to produce their best performance.

"Target translucent cave above 500 dk," said Ebel. Energy targets for change that it surely requires not merely replace the turbo and then optimized with the engine computer upgrade, more than that. Because at this stage is not only powerful, but must also be able to excel records the shortest possible time. Capacity of only 2,000 cc engine that is still considered low, especially for the torque that is able to produce before the turbo spooling at max. No other way, options stroker kit installed soon. The result? pulley any engine capacity up to 2300 cc stroker kit through the use of AMS. It was donated from the long handlebar piston reaches 156 mm and the dimensions of crutches as up to 100 mm.

In the hands of the DC Sports EVO X changed like a road racing car. He not only more athletic, but also too arrogant. Various series body kit C-West alerts affixed on the exterior. The most prominent front bumper that would arise with a large air gap.

The S-AWC system, the which regulates torque and braking at EACH wheel includes a bevy of acronyms: ASC (Active Stability Control), ACD (Active Center Differential), AYC (Active Yaw Control) and Sport ABS, an ABS system Designed for aggressive driving. The Biggest difference over the outgoing car is the large number of yaw sensors included in the system, all Designed to keep the Evo X on its intended path.

The S-AWC system, cans be set for three different road surfaces: tarmac (standard), ice and gravel
In addition, the DC Sports Exhaust System also installs its own for EVO X roar more highly than the manufacturer's version. Even dyno tuned the digebah HBSpeed join the increasingly wild promising performance.

The Twin Clutch SST on the MR appears similar to the Audi / VW 's DSG system; even and odd gears are on separate clutches for the rapid-fire shifting, and no torque loss Between gears. Shifting of the TC-SST is controlled by alloy paddles on the steering wheel or the gear shift lever in manual mode Pls, and by the engine computer in automatic mode. The system has three modes: Normal, Sport and S-Sport, the latter Providing the most aggressive, fast shifts.

Modified Specification

* C-West body kit: Aero parts include front bumper, Side Skirt, Rear Bumper, Front canards, Bonnet Air Intake Scoop
* AMS Front Mount Intercooler
* DC Sports Exhaust System for Evolution X
* Hankook tires
* COBB Tuning parts under the hood.
* Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57S Pro rims
* Koyorad radiator
* Performance Friction Brakes
* KW suspension system
* Odyssey battery

While the metal seat and was wearing street ARP to ensure the endurance of the engine when digeber until it reaches its limit. Then to get a monster power, certainly no longer the standard turbo can give their best performance. Instead, dipakailah pelecut Comp Turbo as extra energy. Fun, turbo-made country, Uncle Sam with the code has been adopted CT4380 triple ball bearings that have reached 4 inches in diameter at the compressor inlet and 3 inches at the outlet.  

So much, "The turbo housing is ported back to the air flow to be more solid," said Ebel. Thus, at a pressure of 2.3 bar turbo on the figures, obtained power to reach 595 dk ..! "We can Sentul QTT in 11 seconds with 2.1 bar boost and 540 HP power," said Ebel. In fact, after this stage, turbo boost going dipanteng at 2.7 bar with output estimated to reach more than 700 HP.