Items relied PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) for the national market, Fiesta, finally introduced (preview) to the media at its headquarters in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Wednesday (16/06/2010).

Fiesta equipped with two engine choices. First, the capacity of 1400 cc DOHC Duratec Ti-VCT 16 valve. 95 dk power output and torque at 5750 rpm and 128 Nm at 4200 rpm. Armed with automatic transmissions, Ford claims fuel consumption of 13.87 km / liter, while the manual 15.87 km / liter.

As for the second Duratec 1600 cc DOHC, 16 valve Ti-VCT, has a maximum power at 6000 rpm, 120 dk with a torque of 152 Nm at 4050 rpm. Fuel consumption is claimed to 16.39 km / liter.

From outward appearances, the Fiesta looks sporty. Head light eyes, so apply away the concept of Foxy. Front bumper with integrated grill and two water intakes on either side create a more dynamic appearance.

Its interior was created using a concept phone that resembles the logic cell phone display. Features a built-in Bluetooth for phone connectivity, USB slot, iPod jack, and our mainline voice activation.

"Features the voice command (voice activation) become eminent in the Fiesta because of the luxury car," said Davy Tulian, marketing director of FMI, on the sidelines of the Fiesta Sneak Preview at Wisma Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, today.

Equipped with safety features anti-lock breaking system (ABS) and electronic stability program (ESP).

Related marketing, Davy added, not all dealers will be able to market the Fiesta. FMI is because verification of each dealer in order to satisfy consumers' Fiesta.

"The product is immediately able to be purchased on July 23, 2010 was the International Indonesia Motor Show. Stock is ready and is still an introductory price," said Davy.

In total there are four variants Festa marketed to Indonesia, namely Style 1.4L, 1.4L Trend (MT), 1.4L Trend (AT), and 1.6L Sport. Remarkably, FMI offers 11 color options. give Prices start from U.S. $ 167 million, USD 177 million, USD 187 million, and Rp 215 million per unit (on the road of Jakarta)