SPESIFIKASI Honda Brio Mobil Kecil Murah Akhir November

Japanese car manufacturer, Honda Motors Corp. (Honda), Tuesday (9 / 11) announced that it will introduce brand-new small car mat madein Thailand International Motor Show 2010 which took place November 30 to December 12 next. The little car due to be launched in Thailand and India in 2011.

Page mediauto.info Tuesday (9 / 11) mentions two versions of Honda bringing these small-sized cars. However, both have the same base platform.

That said, Honda will take the name of Brio, which in its inaugural appearance wearing 2CV code. In the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, small-sized concept car that enliven the Honda booth. However, the data engine is not informed.

To dapurpacunya expected to use 1.2-liter engine capacity equal to the Jazz in India or the new 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 900 cc which combined with the CVT transmission. Brio will claim more efficient and economical.

In the meantime, the product is still in final development and will be manufactured in India and Thailand. In addition, the price of a car is worth no more than Rp 100 million. Will he entered the Indonesian market?

Director of Marketing and after-sales service of PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy said, when the celebration of 10 years old CR-V, it is exploring the possibility of Honda's small car sales to Indonesia. "The product is smaller and less expensive than the Honda Jazz," said Jonfis

Tiny car from the second-largest car manufacturer in Japan are in fact already shown in the form of concept cars at Auto Show event in New Delhi, India. source at Honda said that they would make a production car that looks similar to the earlier concept car and expected to have The stylish and futuristic looks like the Chevrolet Beat, or Spark.

Honda's small car was also expected to attend with a fuel efficient engine with engine capacity that is not too large. Reportedly also, Honda would not only produce Brio version of city car alone. For a sedan that is based on the platform Brio juag being investigated.

Pertma version aimed at the White Elephant domestic market. This version emphasizes the aspect of high fuel efficiency. The second version is intended for the Indian market which emphasize the shape and size of cars in accordance with market trends in the country.

While the page autoincar.com writing, brand-new small car made by Honda is using the code name 2CV. The base car is not much different with the Honda Jazz, only just a smaller size.

Previously, the page motorbeam.com mention Honda Motor in China some time ago has been leaked the name of the small car. Together joint venture partners in China, Guangzhou Automobile, Honda Motors claims will produce lower-priced small car, called Li Nian.

Sporting futuristic styling (like all Hondas), the Brio Could span a sedan version as well. Earlier Honda said that They Would localise Their small car to the maximum extent possible but it Could cost a premium over competitors. 

So, a price of around Rs 5 lakhs sounds realistic. The battle is all set to start Between the Japanese big three - Nissan Micra hatch / sedan Vs Toyota Etios hatch / sedan and the Honda Brio hatch / sedan. We need to wait for all six models to slug it out against EACH other for the outcome. Stay tuned!

However, no launch dates have been Announced by the automaker, with rumors pointing to a possible Such an event next year. Also there are speculations That Brio Honda will from launch the first in Thailand in March 2011 and then roll it out in India During the second half of 2011. Etios Toyota is expected to reach showrooms by December 2010 or January 2011.

In Thailand and India, the car will be named Honda Brio. The car was expected to bear the engine 1200 cc i-VTEC, using manual and automatic transmission Continously Variable Transmission (CVT) five levels of acceleration.

In fact, other information said Honda also will offer a version with a smaller engine, the 1,000 cc three-cylinder for the Indian market. Version was intended to block the rate of other brands to launch small cars 1,000 cc engine in the country.