Luxgen, the first automotive manufacturer from Taiwan, recently released its products to be marketed globally. His first model was named Luxgen7 MPV with two variants namely the CEO as the most luxurious and MPV, which offers high practicality than luxury and technology.

Using a 2200 cc engine MEFI (Multi-Electronic-Fuel-Injection) turbochargers, this unit is the result of collaboration with Delphi Luxgen, Garrett and LMM. Mechanical power that can be generated to reach 175 dk at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 275 Nm, which were in the range 2500 to 4000 rpm. The engine also uses a lot of aluminum alloy material, capable of reducing fuel consumption, increase energy and endurance.

The engine is coupled with five-speed automatic transmission, is the result of cooperation with Aisin, which gives 10 modes of operation thanks to intelligent Transmission Control Module. Module that monitors the gear position, engine speed, car speed and stability control systems to determine the optimal time to move teeth.

In variant CEO, Luxgen also provides a variety of sophisticated electronic features. Like the on-board computer called the Think +, the result of cooperation with mobile phone manufacturer HTC. Think + offers six functions of the audio-video, telecommunications, navigation, safety, operational applications and system settings. So also with the Eagle View + which gives the view around the car and Side View + to eliminate the blind spot area. In addition there is an LDWS Night Vision + + (Lane Departure Warning System).

While the rear cabin filled with captain seat in the second and third rows. While the MPV variant, providing a pair of second row captain seats in the pew and on the third line. In Taiwan, these cars were priced in the range up to 1.068 million NTD 798 000 (sekitara USD 230 million to 306.56 million)