PT Mazda Motor Indonesia could smile a little sweet in IIMS 2010. How not. Until the seventh day, Thursday (7/29/2010), they could sell a total of 277 units. Best sellers, a popular Mazda Mazda2 hatchback with sales of 143 units. The position was followed by CX-7 with 33 units, the Mazda2 Sedan (20 units), CX-nine (19 units), Mazda6 (7 units), BT-50 (3 unit), and RX-8 (two units).

Astrid Ariani Wijana, Marketing Manager PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI), said, "After the market penetration with the Mazda2 hatchback, compared with last year, Mazda sales in IIMS increased significantly this year," Astrid said in a statement received official Kompas.com , today.

To sustain sales, MMI offers a variety of exciting promotions during the exhibition, among others, free audio kit, three days and two nights vacation to Singapore, and raffle to win a trip to Tokyo for two people (available for five winners).

f Nagare is an emotional expression of the movement inspired by nature, then the Ryuga describe the creative challenge for the team to translate the Mazda Nagare design in the form of a more realistic visualization, so it can be more effective in measuring the reaction of the beholder.

"Ryuga is a blend of elegance and a more refined design, which expresses the concept of the mysterious beauty and intelligence," said Yasushi Nakamuta, chief designer for the Ryuga at Mazda Motor Corporation.

Ryuga beauty can be seen from the body that seem to flow down to the rear.

Mazda promises for the future, contained in the Ryuga touch will be applied to production models of the other Mazda.

"Mazda has a mission to 'challenge' perceptions of customers in defining 'good car' and to raise standards in the industry. Ryuga is Zoom-Zoom picture in the future. Ryuga is a vision in terms of character design in accordance with Mazda as a challenger in automotive market, "said Yoshiya Horigome, President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI).

You are curious about the big seagull Mazda Ryuga? Please visit the Mazda booth in Hall A JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Besides Ryuga, Mazda 2 Sedan, Hatchback, CX-7, CX-9, Mazda6 is ready to pamper your eyes.

This car is part of Mazda concept car which resulted from the design language. In Los Angeles Auto Show 2007, Mazda started with the Nagare, which in Japanese means "flow". Then continue with Hakaze, Ryuga, Taiki, Furai, Kazamai, and Kiyora. "We will show this concept car as part of the evolution of Mazda's Zoom-Zoom philosophy," said the source, on Tuesday (23 / 3) afternoon.

Mazda Ryuga said concentrate on the improvement and sophistication by combining high-quality materials, excellent skills, innovative and highly detailed. This concept car ever reap the prestigious award that is Louis Vuitton Classic Concept in 2007.

Views Ryuga is futuristic. From the front, side, up the back like a stream. 245/35 R21-inch wheel design that is currently spinning like a twist. The most prominent feature on this car are the doors Gull-wing (Sea Gull) and bulging fender flares.

Like the RX-8, the Ryuga is a car with four passengers, but with a longer wheelbase (110.2 inches). Interior design such as the cockpit of the aircraft. Not much information about the machine used. But this car is mentioned using environmentally friendly engines E85/bensin FLEX FUEL. Another prominent feature is the Charged-Coupled Deivce camera (CCD) to monitor the rear of the vehicle and blin spot.

"IIMS become an arena that is right for your customers to immediately try and buy a Mazda. If you are still curious about the brand Mazda, please stop at the Mazda booth at the same time to see our special guests from Japan, the Ryuga, a concept car that was awarded a prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award, "Astrid beber.