SPESIFIKASI Mercy R-Class dan ML-Class Grand Edition Terbaru

Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) introduced the latest generation model Grand Sport Tourer R-Class and ML-Class SUV Grand Premium Edition.

"Facelift latest on the R-Class and ML-Class will provide an opportunity for consumers of cars in Indonesia for a premium feel a sensation that is better than the previous model," said President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Rudi Borgenheimer in a press release received detikOto, Thursday (11/04/2010).

The latest generation Grand Sport Tourer R-Class is the result of the development of second generation. R-Class itself has been filling the new vehicle market segments peremium in Indonesia since 2006. MBI offers two models of the R-Class - which was introduced in the New York International Auto Show in March 2010 - the R 300 and R Family 300. Both carrying capacity V6 petrol engine 2.996cc.

Optimism Mercedes-Benz to increase sales in the last quarter of 2010 is also based on launching new products such as CL-Class and R-Class, last September. A fairly high sales growth achieved in the Asia / Pacific, including China which soared more than double last year (13,500 units, up 98 percent), representing a new record.

"We continue to be the fastest-growing premium brand in China," said Joachim. "In September, we've exceeded initial sales targets this year more than 100,000 passenger cars. This happened thanks to high demand, and we have increased the target of more than 120,000 units."

Growth in sales that reached two digits are also recorded in all other BRIC countries, like Brazil (up 23 percent), Russia (up 47 percent) and India (up 92 percent).

Sales of Mercedes-Benz also continues to grow in the United States. In September, delivery of cars to customers increased by 17 percent to 19,900 units (September 2009: 17,000). That way, the Mercedes-Benz has the highest sales of all premium vehicle brand players in the United States. For the first nine months of this year, sales reached 159,700 units (January-September 2009: 135,400) or increased by 18 percent.

In Western Europe (including Germany), Mercedes-Benz sales increased by 7 percent in September to 33,500 units (September 2009: 31,400). This result is the achievement of sales in high-volume markets, such as the UK (up 12 percent) and France (nail 5 percent).

You're curious about their performance? Mercy will provide opportunities to the public and potential consumers to feel directly the reliability of this car in test drive session Pacific Place, Jakarta, which lasted from 5 to 14 November 2010.

Rudi added that recent changes made in the R-Class and ML-Class is based on world market demand of quality and style of premium car a more prestigious.

The second generation R-Class was first introduced in the New York International Auto Show in March 2010.

While the ML-Class is a premium SUV that puts the dynamic element, performance, comfort and kemawahan figure wrapped in a true off-roader. The last generation was introduced since 2008 has now been amended several times, including the latest on this year.

For the Indonesian market, MBI will sell 2 variants R-Class Family ie, R 300 and R 300, in which each will be worth (off the road) USD 1.099 billion and USD 1.249 billion.

While the ML-Class variants will be available in a choice of 350 ML Grand Edition (USD 1.249 billion, off the road) and Grand Edition 350 ML AL (USD 1.179 billion, off the road), and the ML 350 Sport (USD 1.099 billion, off the road .)

Technical Specifications

Family R 300 and R 300 carrying the same gasoline engine, ie V6 2996 cc. Supported systems sophisticated 7G-TRONIC transmission, this engine could reap maximum power 170 kW (231 hp) at rpm per minute 6.000rpm. Meanwhile, peak torque can be achieved up to 300Nm at 2,500-5.000rpm. To achieve acceleration 0-100 km / h R 300 only takes 9.7 seconds.

Compared to previous models, New Generation R-Class has undergone a series of debris on the exterior and interior. The most notable changes on the exterior is shown through the front, where the front (bonnet) now has a V-shaped contour is more assertive.

The latest generation R-Class also uses a new radiator grille with three horizontal lines (three louvres) wrapped in a black color with chrome combination. Bumper design is also new in the latest generation R-Class. Bumper size larger is now equipped with LED daytime driving lights.

In addition, the outside rearview mirror now looks increasingly integrates with the groove side of the body after the Mercedes-Benz set the LED indicator lights. Outside rearview mirror produces even more broader view because the R-Class New Generation has revised the triangle area.

Meanwhile, changes in the interior done by providing multi-media facilities are more intelligent form of 20-featured audio system 6-disc, complete with a Bluetooth interface. Overall, this facility makes the atmosphere in the cabin New Generation R-Class is more classy than the previous model.

ML-Class Grand Edition
ML-Class provides 3 new options for consumers Indonesia, which are variants of 350 ML and 350 ML Grand Edition Grand Edition AL, and ML 350 Sport. Each variant has a few differences.

For variants Grand Edition 350 ML AL, the difference is only found in upholstery its course, when compared with 350 ML model Grand Edition. While the ML 350 Sport variants, there are differences in the absence of Electric Sun Roof option and use a different wheel size diameter.

Nevertheless, the third variant of the ML-Class was carrying the same gasoline engine, the V6-powered 3.498cc 200 kW (272 hp) and torque of 350Nm at 6.000rpm-5.000rpm in 2400. Supported systems superb 7G-TRONIC transmission, 350 ML only takes 8.4 seconds for the shot 0-100 km / hour.

The most fundamental thing that can be seen to distinguish the figure of the ML-Class Grand Edition with previous models is the use of a sporty package in the form of rectangular complexion tip chrome exhaust pipe, aluminum roof rails, and the radiator grille blend of silver and chrome. Even the windows are now glued blue coating for interor feel much cooler