SPESIFIKASI Mobil Esemka | Akan Segera Meluncur | 17 Agustus 2010

National automobile assembly work of children's Vocational High School (SMK), which will soon be one more step Esemka rocket on August 17, 2010 later. How to prepare?

"In the near future this type of test, in terms of very good products. It means the quality and strength Esemka until now, no problem," said Autocar Corporate Secretary, Industrial Components (AIK) Oki Sanyoto to detikOto, Tuesday (3 / 8 / 2010).

Oki explained until now there was no change Esemka launch plan. Esemka fixed to be launched on the anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day is no longer.

"Until there has been no change in the launch plan.'ll More clearly one week before D-day, is still taking care of licensing," said Oki.

There are two models to be launched the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) named Eagle and double cabin named Digdaya who adopted the engine capacity of 1800 cc, 2000 cc, 2200 cc and 2500 cc diesel. Meanwhile, the responsible marketing of PT Autocar already established cooperation with PT Solo Manufacturing Creative.

AIK itself is a company that helps vocational students to develop their second car this work. As for his car manufacturers, sales and distribution Esemka will be held by PT Solo Manufacturing Creative.

As for assembly, Esemka, continued Oki will be assembled in Solo. "PT Solo Manufacturing Creation will create an assembly plant there," he said.

Therefore, Oki Esemka felt confident that will be launched in two models of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) named Rajawali and double cabin named Digdaya on 17 August will be a successful release.

Because besides the design is also not lose ciamik, Esemka even by Oki already has a lot of engine choices.

For gasoline engines are both Eagle and Esemka Esemka Digdaya available in three engine options ie engine capacity 1,800 cc, 2,000 cc and 2,200 cc, while for diesel Esemka will be available with 2,500 cc engine.

"Our prices are competitive, to Rajawali price will not be up to USD 180 million and to Digdaya price will not be up to USD 150 million," he concluded.

In terms of price, PT Autocar will membandrol of USD 140 million-USD 180 million. Both cars are assembled and developed by five SMK SMK 2 Solo namely, SMK 5 Solo, Solo Citizens SMK, SMK, and SMK Borobudur 1 Muhammadiah Singosari.

The government previously said it would support the national car.

"We only see in terms of exercise, they are now better focused in terms of learning, but we still support them," said Director of Vocational Education Ministry Joko Sutrisno some time ago