SPESIFIKASI Mobil EV Kestrel | Mobil Berbodi Daun Ganja

Still remember the car bodY of cannabis leaf material, the original form of the car is finally out.

Motive Canada raises the figure of Kestrel which is the EV electric car where the body is made of materials or Canabis Sativa marijuana leaves.

"We have received many requests about this Kestrel picture of the car and now the official design of the car has been released," said VP of Operations Motive Meagan McKeage as quoted by autoevolution, Thursday (16/09/2010).

The use of cannabis leaf material that is claimed is lighter than carbon fiber makes this car weighs only 850 kg.

In addition, Kestrel is also equipped with lithium-ion batteries that could propel the car as far as 160 km / h with peak speeds up to 135 km / hour.

Kestrel was built from the leaves of cannabis which was changed to nan lightweight composite materials. Results cultivation Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) it is claimed to remain light without reducing durability.

Composite material alteration of the marijuana leaf is made into a lightweight car body, but with a cheaper cost than using carbon fiber materials.