SPESIFIKASI Mobil Mercedes-Benz | Gunakan Magic untuk Produk Mendatang

Mercedes-Benz will introduce the latest technology with frill magic, including magic body control (MBC) and Magic Sky Control (MSC). Especially for the MBC is the result of the development of the active body control.

Even so, there's no Harry Potter-style magic on this technology. At MBC, the brain works is bearing hydraulic system that controls the frequency of movement of cars in two parts, one on each wheel (between 15-20 Hz) and another one on the body (5-8 Hz).

This cushion is above the rod suspension, control reaction wheel vibration generated and car bodies. According to the results of tests conducted Mercedes, this technology can reduce the vibration in the wheel that interfere with up to 80 percent.

Developed together with ZF technology was first used in 1990 for the car racing team Sauber Mercedes Group C, C11, driven by Michael Schumacher. This technology is then banned.

Before the MBC was introduced on the S-Class and CL-Class in 2013, Daimler will also launch other magic technology, namely the MSC, the glass roof with magnetorheological technology manufactured by Hitachi. This technology allows the roof to change color from clear to dark blue color, depending on the beam of sunlight that hits.

Not just on the roof, MSC can also be applied to all automotive glass, including windshield. In the future, this technology is expected to replace the sunvisor function. MSC will begin to use the latest SLK-Class, the fastest in 2011