Volvo Air Motion Open Air Car Design Concept Futuristic Car

Sport futuristic car Volvo Air Motion design concept presented at Los Angeles Auto Show Car Design Challenge Competition, Volvo car Maker Company. Unique open air car design technology whole innovative level with its “lighter than a Formula 1 racing car” study vehicles development. New Volvo Air Motion’s aerodynamic car body mirrors design the look of a clam shell and are built from an ultra light carbon fiber material that tips the scales at less than 1,000lbs. In addition its strong however ultra-light body kit structure, the Volvo Air Motion car concept auxiliary adds to its superlatives eco-friendliness, as it is not using a single drop of gasoline while driving wild.
 Volvo built Volvo Air Motion concept car through fewer components and replaced the heavy internal combustion engine with powerful, nevertheless simple minimalist, compressed air motors. To compress the air wanted for the centrally mounted air tank, Volvo came up with a design for Air Replenishment Sites. Intended at enthusiast, Volvo Air Motion can be seen at the show in 1/4 scale model displayed in the area that connects the South and the West Halls. It fully showcases the beauty and purity of Scandinavian vision and further delivers a guilt free, raw driving experience.