WRX since Dec. 2002

Subtle aggressiveness.

I've always been a fan of a slightly understated, factory look; one that often has people asking me, "did the car come with that?"

I can't say why exactly, but that's what I dig. I'm a perfectionist, and I like when modifications integrate so seamlessly that you're not sure if it's a modification after all, or if its original equipment. Its not going to win many points at car shows (or NASIOC contests, ahem), but the way this car is put together is a reflection of myself and my personality, and I’m very happy with it. What you see here is a real car that gets driven... hard.

I've owned my WRX since Dec. 2002 (any other cars in the contest with over 75k miles on them?) and everything I know about cars has been learned on this car. I have always done all of my own work on the car, which is something I'm very proud of.. I started by learning how to change my oil and install a manual boost controller, and as you'll read, things have progressed quite a bit over the years.

My WRX has gone through many transformations, each improving on the last. As time passes I learn more, and I constantly raise the bar for myself. The state of my WRX as it sits is a prime example of where my abilities and personal expectations lie currently.

As you will notice, it's a [beautiful] bugeye. But it has Brembos all around? And a crinkle red intake manifold? Hmmm… that's a little different, whats going on here?

Things really got stepped up this past summer, when I spent two very long, amazing, frustrating, memorable, terrible, incredible weeks performing a complete 2007 STi transplant with the help of two of my very talented friends. The swap was completed from head to toe including engine, wiring, ECU, transmission, drivetrain, and more. We combined all of our knowledge and abilities together to essentially rebuild the car from the bare shell, and it turned out great. The engine turned over without hesitation or CEL on the first try, and we were off… I’ve since tried to maximize the potential of the engine including a polished and ceramic coated 3”/8cm FP Green turbo, APS FMIC, Perrin headers, EWG, Aquamist meth/water injection, and more…

Well rounded performance is the name of the game for me, and its what I've aimed to accomplish here. My priorities involve going fast--in the twisties and in a straight line--and I would never compromise my ability to drive the piss out of my car and enjoy it to the fullest on a regular basis, even if it means missing out on some mad JDM show points.

This car has seen ice racing, road racing, and auto-x. Its gotten me up to the mountains a hundred times and across the country a few. I'm already planning a track day in the spring and hope to see what she can do on the drag strip as well. What can I say, I love driving my car.