Jasmine Villegas Reveals An Interesting Secret About Justin Bieber

Jasmine Villegas, who not only was Justin Bieber's opening act last year but who also dated the young Canadian for two months has revealed an intimate detail about the Bieber. 

Villegas, 17, who starred on the Disney Channel's spin-off series to the very popular The Suite Life of Zack and Cody entitled, The Even Sweeter Suite Life of Phoebe Petnuzzle revealed to 3T, Tittle Tattle Tonight that whenever Justin is performing on stage underneath his jeans he is wearing Spiderman boxer shorts.

Jasmine said that he first started wearing Spiderman underwear when he was four-years-old. And as he grew older he switched over to Superman underwear for two years, Batman underwear for three years, Wonder Woman underwear for four months, and now he is back to wearing Spiderman underwear again.

She said that he told her that no one except for his mom, her, and Kim Kardashian know about his cute, little, innocent, fetish.

When Jasmine was asked if she didn't think that it was rather odd for a 16-year-old boy to be wearing Spiderman underwear she giggled and said that she thought so but that she would never let Justin know that.

Jasmine said that she had promised Justin that she would never tell anyone but she decided to change her mind and make the revelations because she knows for a fact that Justin wants to stop wearing Spiderman underwear but he cannot find a way to do so.