Justin Bieber New Haircut!

 Justin Bieber haircut is once again in news and this time it's true. Early Monday morning her tweeted, "thinking about getting a haircut....hmmmmmm." and then appeared with a new haircut on the sets of TMZ Live.

Justin Bieber haircut has added age to the otherwise childish face. The long locks have been chopped of and made into a stylish hair do. Justin Bieber went for a haircut for a music video for a song which he will be recording with Rascal Flatts. The haircut is by Justin Bieber's hair stylist Rachel. She has revealed that the singer was a bit nervous but then Justin Bieber admitted, "wanted to change it up" and once complete, that it was "kind of a mature look."

This haircut of Justin Bieber awaits to see reaction of the fans specially the female fans. Earlier haircut of Justin Bieber was just a shorter hairstyle but this one is a bit unruly. Debates have already begun, the conclusion is still to be decided. We wonder what Salena Gomez has to say about Justin Bieber haircut.