Ashley Greene Calls Ex-BF Joe Jonas A 'Superstud' ‎

Living out a relationship in the spotlight is never easy.
But Ashley Green might be cringing this morning after an interview in which she labelled her now ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas a 'superstud' hit newsstands.
The Twilight actress gushed about the pop star in the latest issue of U.S. Glamour, published a few weeks after the couple ended their relationship.
In an embarrassing coincidence Greene's interview is published a few days after Jonas praised her in Details magazine. He said the actress puts 'my feelings first.'

Asked about her 'super-foxy boyfriend' the 24-year-old corrects the reporter by saying: 'Superstud.'
Greene had been dating the Jonas Brothers singer since last summer but they broke up earlier this month.

The actress says it wasn't love at first sight. 'A friendship developed first,' she said, 'and that's the most important thing for me.
'If you are going to be with someone all the time, they need to be your best friend... You need to be able to talk about the difficult things.'
But there was one thing that Greene says she didn't want to talk to Jonas about - his ex-girlfriends.
The singer's past loves include country star Taylor Swift and actress Demi Lovato.
But Greene seems to have banned all talk of any past lovers.
She says: 'I don't want us to talk about our ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. The past is the past. As long as it's not a mass-murderer past!
'You're with the person who you're with as they are now.'