Essie Nail Polish

 If there is anyone that could be the perfect "nail polish tester", i think itd be me. ..I am the type of girl that always needs to have her nails done..Im always busy, always in a hurry, and out of my 10 hour work shifts, i have gloves on for about 6 of those hours ..So I think im pretty good at determining whether a certain polish dries extra fast, lasts extra long, etc etc..

So I know I'm a little late on this but last night I tried ESSIE for the first time! 

I cannot give a full review because ive only had my nails painted for a day , but I will tell you what I know and like/dislike about Essie so far..

First thing i noticed was the array of colors! Essie has some of the prettiest softest looking nail polish I have seen in quite a while. They do have their bright colors, but the majority of colors (from what i saw at walgreens) were all really soft, pastel-ish, neutral type colors, which I like because honestly I get a little bored of the typical neon, way too bright, or way too dark polishes. 

Another thing I like about essie is the price :) 8 bucks for 0.46oz? Not bad!

I decided to go with Lapiz of Luxury .

One thing I DID NOT like was that to achieve this color, I had to put about 4 coats on :-/ 

But, it did dry pretty fast :) I sped up the process a little with my Revlon liquid quick dry but oh well!

I wanted to do something a little different to my Mani this week so taken from  MissChievous from Youtube, i went with this cherry blossom kinda thing she did on her channel, except I toned it down a bit. I didnt do it on every finger (only ring fingers and thumbs) and instead of the minty green color she used, i went with lapiz of luxury.Also, her nails are much longer than mine so my little flowers arent as big. I dont have any "nail painting tools" so i did this with a very very thin paint brush. I used some cheap dollar store black polish i had , a bright pink from Sally Girl..and a Wet & Wild white. 

And heres what I did :) Please be nice, its my first time trying to draw on my nails :-p 

 So I guess thats all for now, I will see how long this polish lasts and stuff like that and make sure to update you guys :) But as of now, I'm pretty sold on Essie ..I think i'll go back to walgreens this weekend and pick up a few more.

Ta-Ta for now :)