Finding the Perfect Frangipani Tattoos

For some who are considering Frangipani tattoos, you may be wondering a bit more about the object itself and what this flower is based on. This flower is based around a Lei flower or a Plumeria flower. The Plumeria flower is found in the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Islands and in Mexico. A Plumeria flower can in some areas grow to be an astounding 30 inches or more tall and can have a width that is half that size.

A Plumeria is a common tattoo especially if you are named after a certain flower and it's rare that you find someone who is named Frangipani. For those who are tired of looking at the everyday flowers, Frangipani tattoos are the next best thing. There are many designs of this flower available as well and colors.

Any type of flower tattoo is most common in women and can give you many different choices that you may like. You can get a rainbow added to the tattoo as this can add an array of bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple and more. This can amaze others who look at your tattoo.

Frangipani tattoos are elegant and can have an exotic type of appearance that can add class to any part of the body. This can look formal when you wear evening dresses or other evening attire.

Another thing to consider when choosing Frangipani tattoos is the attractiveness of it. Choose one that has taste and class and one that you truly feel is beautiful. You can ask around to family or friends for second opinions or what their thoughts are. Tattoos for the most part are permanent therefore again you should pick one you are going to be happy with.

Also remember that some designs are different in person as opposed to how they may look online or in a magazine. Try to print out a design for example from a website that may specialize in this type of tattoo design.
Bears have grown to become very popular in tattoo art recently due to their broad and rich use in symbolism throughout history and culture. Around 500 BC, the bear was used by the Celts across Europe as a symbol to represent war. In the Old Testament, this magnificent creature was used to symbolize evil influence and cruelty. In Christian symbolism, they were viewed as a positive representation of reform. In Ancient Greek and Egypt, it was believed that the Great She-Bear of the Ursa Major Constellation (The Big Dipper) was the incarnation of the great Goddess Diana or Artemis.

Bears have also been used extensively in Native American culture. For some tribes, they were used to symbolize battle, hunting, and healing. For other tribes, this symbol denoted the whirlwind which was used in times of war to confuse ones enemies and for medical and healing purposes. Some tribes viewed them as supernatural creatures and some even as Gods. Their annual hibernation was an expression of the need for silence and self reflection. The quiet of the cave was a symbol of the quiet of the heart.

Another reason why these tattoos have such diverse meanings and designs is the diversity amongst these creatures themselves. Bears such as the Kodiak and Grizzly can be used to symbolize immense strength, power, and danger. Polar bears in tattoo designs are rare and unique. With the current crisis this species is facing, a design incorporating this bear might be used to signify the last of a dying breed, to create awareness, or to symbolize hope. Other members of this family include Black bears and Pandas.

For anyone considering a design with a Koala, just remember that a Koala is not really a bear but actually a member of the marsupials. Finally, there are "teddy bear" tattoos which symbolizes "cute" I think.