Hot Topic Nail Polish

Currently Rocking ** Matte Sky Blue by Hot Topic

So0o, i never go to Hot Topic, especially not for nail polish..I didnt buy this, it was given to me as a gift. I remember using it once a while ago, and decided to use it again last night..Honestly, im not crazy about it..

The cool thing about hot topic nail polishes is that they are really bright and you can find some pretty dope colors that are not too common..

The thing i dont like about this nail color, is that its matte :-/

I like matte lipsticks, eyeshadows, paint ;) etc...but for nails, there is just something about it that bothers me :/

If you wanna try hot topic nail polishes, go right ahead...they have some pretty cool colors to choose from..

And if you do like Matte nail polishes , try sky blue..Because even though its matte (barf) its still a really nice color :)