Is There A Feud Brewing Between Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez And Rebbeca Black?

If bad “reporting” is an art, HollywoodLife is Picasso.
Managing to stoop even lower than usual, the outlet asks hopefully, “Is There A Feud Brewing Between Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez & Rebecca Black?”
Gossip Cop can answer: No, no there is not.
But let’s examine just how ridiculous HollywoodLife’s speculation becomes.
According to the site, Black allegedly “cast the first stone by gushing about Selena’s guy Justin Bieber in interviews.”
Seriously? A 13-year-old girl talks about how much she loves Justin Bieber, and it’s supposedly equivalent to attacking his girlfriend?
Nice work, HollywoodLife. Especially considering this girl already receives death threats, and fans have been known to harass anyone linked to Bieber romantically.
“Furthermore, comparisons between Rebecca and Demi have been frequent,” adds HollywoodLife, which illustrates its point by linking to a HollywoodLife article comparing Black and Gomez.
Not Lovato. Gomez.
Yup… HollywoodLife used itself as its own source – and couldn’t even manage to do that right.
“Some have even speculated Rebecca could replace Demi as the next Disney Channel ‘it girl,’” claims the site, which conveniently forgets to cite a single person or outlet who’s ever actually said Black “could replace” Lovato.
“Let’s hope Rebecca doesn’t try to ignite something with Demi’s ex, Joe Jonas… then this pseudo-love triangle might get really ugly!” explains an excited HollywoodLife.
Jonas is 21 years old.
There’s absolutely nothing at all to suggest that 13-year-old Black wants to “ignite something” with him. Nothing. HollywoodLife isn’t even pretending to inhabit the actual universe anymore.
All HollywoodLife wants to do is spread rumors about Black stealing Lovato’s career and ex-boyfriend.
HollywoodLife wants to pit teenage girls – and their fans – against each other, by creating a feud that does not exist.
It’s cheap and cynical garbage.