Kristen Stewart gets naked in “On the Road”

Will Kristen Stewart take it all off in “On the Road”? According to Hollywood Life’s Stephanie Wenger and Russ Weakland, Stewart “doesn’t shy away from being constantly naked. In fact, she is nude in her very first scene and it only gets more racy from there.”
Stewart will be playing the role of Marylou, who is believed to be based on real-life associate of Kerouac, Luanne Henderson, one of the earliest of the Beat muses who did much to inspire and inflame the passions of Kerouac. She was married to well-known Beatnik, Neal Cassady, for a time, until they had their marriage annulled so he could marry his pregnant girlfriend. Described as “beautiful with long curly hair, blue eyes and a wild spirit”, her character features prominently in “On the Road” and under other aliases in Kerouac’s other works.
In “On the Road”, Marylou marries, then divorces, Dean, yet carries on a love affair with him irrespective of their divorce. Added to the mix is Dean’s friend, Sal, who sleeps with Marylou as well. In addition to sex scenes with each, the movie script will reportedly depict a threesome that takes place in the back seat of a car.
The upcoming film will not be Stewart’s first role as a young, oversexed teen. She played underage stripper and prostitute Mallory in last year’s “Welcome to the Rileys.”