Pretty Little Liars Going To Become A Movie?

The sweet smell of success is leaking over to Alloy Entertainment, who has asked one of the writers for the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars about a feature film. Right now all of this is rumors, and nothing has been confirmed. But Marlene King who writes for the series said this.

'I know that Alloy would love to create a feature franchise with this. We’ve talked about doing a feature film once the girls get older. But I think it’s definitely the golden age of television for women in the sense that ensemble movies aren’t getting made, but ensemble TV shows are on ABC Family and Lifetime'

Do you hope that they do make a featured film based on the show? I think that it could be a smart movie, but they should finish the Clique series first in my opinion. But I do believe that it would be a jackpot for both the author, stars, crew, and Alloy of course.