Vanessa Hudgens Blames Nude Photo Leak On Her Ex-Friends

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens is on a man hunt for those who leaked nude photos of the star last week. Although she's called in the cops to find out who did the dirty deed, seems that Ness has a pretty good idea who the culprit is.

Hudgens has just sent out a mass email to everyone she knows, insisting the nude images were leaked by two former friends. The brunette beauty is convinced the pair is trying to sabotage her acting career by releasing nude pics every time she releases a movie.

Apparently the images were stolen from the former 'High School Musical' star's computer back in 2007.

In the mass email she states, "In 2006, Kayslee and Alexa were close friends of Vanessa, but they later drifted apart due to Vanessa's work commitments (The High School Musical movies). Vanessa was especially fond of Alexa, even inviting her to star in her debut music video, to make up for the fact that she had been too busy to spend time with her."

"Later that year, Alexa suggested that Vanessa take some racy pictures to keep her boyfriend interested. Vanessa agreed and privately took some naked photos of herself. Kayslee then took photos of Vanessa and Alexa kissing. Alexa and Kayslee took no nude photos of themselves."

"Vanessa took more nude photos that year and the next, but she was careful and deleted the pictures from her mobile phone. Vanessa uploaded her pictures to her email account and sent them to her boyfriend, like Alexa had suggested. On one of these occasions, she did this while she was at Alexa's house. Alexa downloaded the pictures onto her computer when Vanessa accidentally left her email account logged in."

"Since September 2007, Alexa and her friend Kayslee have been leaking Vanessa's pictures every time she has movie coming out. I believe this is because of them being jealous of her successful movie career."