OMG Justin Bieber Attacked By Eggthrower At Sydney Concert

Justin Bieber has come under attack, from flying eggs.
The teen superstar was performing at Sydney's Acer Arena on Friday night, when six of eggs were launched from the crowd.
It would seem though that thousands of die-hard screaming fans were not enough to deter the egg-thrower.
A helper quickly cleaned up the mess, before the show went on.

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson Spotted Holding Hands in Studio City

Vanessa Hudgens and new beau Josh Hutcherson snuggle up at the PINZ bowling alley in Studio City. The young lovebirds were spotted holding hands as they enjoyed their mid-week session. 

Avril Lavigne's Fans Send Death Threats to John Legend's Girlfriend

Earlier this week, a swimsuit model, Christine Teigen, has started a Twitter feud with rock chick Avril Lavigne. After dissing the Canadian rocker on her Twitter, the girlfriend of John Legend incessantly received haters' tweets on her account. Many of Avril's devotees kept sending her countless insulting messages and death threats as responds towards her mocking tweets against the "Complicated" hitmaker.

After being defenselessly attacked by Avril's fans on the social network, Christine finally surrendered as she tweeted an apology to the singer. She wrote, "I would formally like to apologize but only one of those 'sorry you are offended' apologies. Because I am". And she added another tweet, saying, "I spew out terrible opinions and observations all day and didn't think twice about that one."

Alhough Christine has made an official apology, Avril's squad wouldn't stop dissing her. For some time Christine kept tweeting incessant words of sorry and regret, but eventually she gave it up as she tweeted, "Apologies for the EXTREME overtweeting today. Really bored and waiting for flight. Don't hate me."

In contrary, Avril herself doesn't really care of Christie's insults. The popstar has ignored the one-sided feud and has not yet to mention any of it on her Twitter. And yet, her camp remains silent about the matter.

The conflict began earlier this week when Christine poked fun at Avril. She tweeted, " Watching an avril lavigne interview. The second most painful thing I have watched today after 'the goods'." She then continued with another tweet, writing, "If u told me I could have 1 kid, but it would be exactly like avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die."

Ashley Tisdale Covers 'Zooey' Magazine May 2011 Issue

Ashley Tisdale is on the May issue of 'Zooey' magazine and she looks absolutely gorgeous. The talented and beautiful actress sat down to chat with the magazine, speaking about a wide range of topics including her new movie "Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure", working out for her show "Hellcats" and her hectic filming schedule. Take a look at some snippets from the interview.

Ashley Tisdale graces the cover of 'Zooey' magazine, the May 2011 issue, looking pretty and so natural in a pictorial lensed by Derek Wood. In the interview with the magazine, the 25-year-old actress dishes on her latest movie "Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure", about "Hellcats", a weekly drama about the ultra-competitive cheerleading squad at the fictional Lancer University in Memphis, working out with a trainer six days a week and learning different complex routines every week. 

Even though it might seem rather easy, being an actress requires 100% dedication and a lot of hard work. And Ashley knows this since she is completely devoted to everything she does. "It’s so crazy. It’s definitely hard," Ashley says of her hectic schedule.

On filming all the difficult scenes in "Hellcats" she told the magazine that, "When we did the pilot, we had two weeks to rehearse the three cheer sequences we filmed. Then, once we were picked up for the season, we started filming and had only one week to learn everything for the next episode. Now, it’s to the point where sometimes I’ll only have an hour and a half to learn the routine."

Are Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene Getting Back Together?

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene shocked everyone with their sudden split, leaving everyone wondering what went wrong. Was it an ugly split? Are they at odds? Or are they still close? spoke to a friend of Joe’s who tells us, “The relationship didn’t end horribly, it just ended.” But do they still speak to each other on a regular basis?
“The likelihood of them being friends is not too promising,” says our insider. “When they cross paths, which is bound to happen, Joe will be cordial, but I would be almost positive that they will avoid each other like the plague.”
Joe, 21, and Ashley, 24, started dating last summer before they split in March. Since then Ashley has been spotted with Jared Followill. But Joe’s friend says both she and Joe are still single.
“They are not dating anymore, and they are not looking to date each other,” the insider reveals. “Would you really want to hang out with your ex? Who really is friends with their ex? Joe has moved on, and would say that I am confident that Ashley has as well.”
The source adds that there is no chance of a reconciliation. “It’s over and they want to keep it that way.”
Are you sad to hear the duo are not reuniting? Or are you over it? Do you think it works to be friends with an ex? Let us know in your comments!

Aly & AJ Michalka Jam on 'Hellcats'

AJ Michalka strums a little tune in this new still from Hellcats.
In the upcoming episode “Warped Sister,” As Marti (Aly Michalka) delves further into her family secrets with the help of Julian (Gale Harold), her bond with a mysterious record store employee, Deidre (AJ), grows stronger.
Meanwhile, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) and Nasty Kathy (Magda Apanowicz) clash over planning Charlotte’s (Emma Lahana) baby shower, and Savannah finds herself in a bit of trouble at school, giving her no other option but to ask her parents for help.
Aly and AJ will be performing a guitar duet of “My Refrigerator Broke,” another exclusive original by Dan Bern, and Bob Dylan’s “Mississippi.”
Aly is also pictured at the PIX Morning Studios in NYC on Tuesday morning (April 26).
“Warped Sister” premieres Tuesday, May 3 @ 9PM ET/PT on the CW.

Miley Cyrus Says Hi To Brazil

Miley Cyrus Says Hi To Brazil

Emily Osment on the set of CyberBully

Emily Osment on the set of CyberBully

Demi Lovato: I Will Wear ‘Hot’ Mini Dress on Tiffany Thornton’s Wedding

The brunette young star has revealed details about her friend’s wedding day, saying that all the bridesmaids’ gowns will be ‘hot’ and unconventional.As reported beforehand, Demi Lovato is set to be bridesmaid for Tiffany Thornton’s wedding. This time, the former Disney darling revealed details about what will she wear at the wedding. She claimed that she and Tiffany have already shopped some pretty gowns that she will don during the occasion.

In an exclusive interview with Bop & Tiger Beat, Demi said that she has so much fun when shopping for the the dresses with Tiffany. She expressed her excitement for becoming a bridesmaid, saying, “I tried on my bridesmaid dress. I’m going to be a bridesmaid. It’s the first time I’m going to be a bridesmaid actually.”

Demi unveiled that Tiffany has picked some “hot” dresses for all her bridesmaids. The Italian descent star revealed that she will wear mini dress for the event. She excitedly said, “It’s hot! Yeah, Tiffany is like I want all of my bridesmaids to look hot. Like so many bridesmaids get stuck in these frumpy dresses to make the bride look good. But she’s like, ‘No I have hot friends so I want them to look hot.’ So I’m wearing a mini dress.”

The “Sonny with a Chance” star also leaked more hint about Tiffany’s wedding. She said that the theme color will be purple, thus she will don a purple gown for the occasion. She said, “All the gowns are going to be purple, like a deep purple.”

And when she was asked if she approved of Tiffany’s fiance, the former girlfriend of Joe Jonas said yes. She answered, “I do, I have gotten to know him and he’s really sweet. He’s a really faithful guy and he had this southern hospitality.”

Good times, These are the good times...

Baltimore, Maryland

Visited Baltimore to check out the National Aquarium...Good day.

"I like turtles"

Checked out the Tattoo Museum while we were there...

Best. Picture. Evaaaah.

Blue Dragon Tattoos

Blue Dragon Tattoos

Blue Dragon Tattoos Design
Blue Dragon Tattoos Art

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips UPDATE!

So the package says it lasts 10 days...

Ive heard they start chipping after 3..
Here are mine after 5 days.

The white nails are regular nail polish...The only sally strip i have on is the black and white flowery nail. 

Now lets see if it lasts 5 more...
I feel like im back in middle school doing the science fair projects. lol...

Ta ta for now kiddos

So yea, i still love them.

hey, I just want to share with you my mini collection of clothing with animal prints. there's just something about these prints that allures me. mind you, I'm scared of the real ones. :)

say no to animal skin, and yes to animal print! :)


I have to say, I'm a big fan of animal prints.
but always remember that it has to be in moderation. you don't want to see someone wearing animal print from head to toe. that would be awful!
and also, never ever wear different prints at the same time. just keep it simple, and you're good to go.

MOI, wearing my leopard print vest(left) and scarf(right)

I'm planning to buy animal print shoes as well.

xoxo! :)

OMG Selena Gomez Sitting On Justin Bieber Lap

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a secret day in the world’s most beautiful island Bali, located in Indonesia.

Selena and Justin Bieber in Indonesia (PHOTOS)

Selena and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber in Indonesia, while he was on his World Tour!  

Promo Shots for Miley's World Tour

Promo Shots for Miley's World Tour

Justin Bieber Arrives in Brisbane, Australia

Justin Bieber departed his private plane upon arrival in Brisbane, Australia, this morning, April 26.

Avatar Girl Body Painting Design

Avatar Girl Body Painting Design

Avatar Girl Body Painting Design
Avatar Girl Body Painting Art

Pacifier Trouble

this one is for all the mommies who want to stop their child from using pacifiers.

I started giving pacifier to my daughter when she was two months old because she needed something to suck on otherwise she wouldn't stop drinking her milk from a bottle, which can lead to stomach pain and vomiting. after a year i gave birth to my son, and yes i also gave him pacifier for the same reason as his sister. At first it was a huge relief, aside from the problem being solved, it also helped me to put them to sleep a lot easier. They got really used to it that they couldn't sleep without it. I remember going out in the middle of the night just to buy pacifier when we couldn't find the old one.

during their pacifier days.

but then it turned the other way around they don't like to eat anymore. as long as they have pacifiers in their mouth they won't eat anything.

so, i thought i had to do something before it gets worse and besides they're not babies anymore. I told them that if they to continue to use it, their teeth would fall off. hahaha. I know trying to scare them isn't a good idea but there was nothing else i could think of. sadly, i failed! they were not scared at all.

so i googled it, and read some interesting ideas. so far, after trying some of those, there's one that is most effective. here's what i did:

I made a chart for each of them where i could draw a star that will record the days they didn't use their pacifiers. for each five stars which is equivalent to five days of no pacifier they will get a big surprise. so you know, kids just love surprises.  

here are the actual charts:

my daughter's chart, she filled in the chart first.

My son's chart, who took a little longer to fill it all.

As you can see they both achieved to fill in the boxes with stars, yehey! ☺

It has been almost a year now, and since then they never use pacifiers again.


Star Tattoos Girl on Back

Star Tattoos Girl on Back

Star Tattoos Girl on Back
Star Tattoos Girl Art
Simple Star Tattoos Girl on Back
Star Tattoos Girl Design

Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo

Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo

Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo Girl
Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo Idea
Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo Design
Beautiful Rose Leg Tattoo Art

Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl

Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl

Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl
Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl Art
Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl Design
Sexy Wing Grenade Breast Tattoos Girl

Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl

Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl

Sexy Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl
Beautiful Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl
Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl Art
Floral Ornament Chest Tattoo Girl Design