Care Of Nails

Nails are the horn like envelop found at the dorsal side of terminal phalanges of fingers of toes and hands in humans. These not only beautify the appearance of fingers but also protects from external vigorous pressure at the terminals. Nails are made of a protein known as keratin.

Some times these features have to under go some abnormalities, get uneven. Discolored or not smooth and get brittle. In all these cases they have to be attended with care. It involve proper trimming. Filing and keep the cuticle away from the nail base. Some home treatment of nails is given below.

   1. First thing to be involved in their care is that they must be healthy with strong texture. So if they are soft then soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes daily.
   2. If these have any stain on it and can’t be removed then dip your nails in lemon juice for 10-15 minutes and after wash them with warm water.
   3. In order to remove the cuticle or to keep it away from nails use a cuticle file or push it in backward direction manually. Skip the chances of infection because cuticle is the protective layer from where the nail grows.
   4. If your nails get brittle day by day then in diet increase the amount of silica and vitamin B. in addition to this protein diet should be properly taken.
   5. If you use nail polish often then after two or three continuous applications give break. Because the nails oxygen should be cut off after nail polish application and their color is changed from pinkish to yellow or become dull.
   6. Not use dark colored nail polishes with out base coat because after removal these leave the color of pale yellow on the nail palate and ugly look when not to be polished. For nail polish remover use such agent which have less quantity of acetylene. This organic liquid makes the nails brittle when repeatedly applied.
   7. Avoid from nail biting because it will destroy the shape of nails and unpleasant feeling.
   8. If the clove of garlic is rubbed against nails continuously it will make the nails strong.


    * Nails of hand fingers grow more than toes.
    * A nail of long finger grows more then other fingers.
    * The growth rate of nails is such one eighth of an inch in a month.
    * If you are right handed its nail growth is more then other and similarly in case of left handed.
    * The growth rate is more in warm climate. Than colder. During pregnancy and after injury. The growth rate is more…