This was held on April 9, 2011, which was two weeks ago. I don't know but I think that I should post this to my blog.

Finished the course of AB-English last year, but I was only able to march this year.  For the reason that they only do grad ceremony every two years. It was amusing because I didn't expect it would be formal and solemn. So thanks to my hubby for encouraging me to attend and for taking too many photos of the event.  I was shocked when I saw my seatmates crying during the ceremony, because honestly I didn't really feel the feeling when you graduate. you know what feeling i'm talking about, right?  maybe because I already had my celebration last year when I got my diploma, but overall it was a wonderful experience to remember. :) oh btw, thanks to my two aunties for accompanying us. They only knew I was going to graduate when they saw me going inside the car with my toga on and about to leave. knowing that we might be late; we still invited them to come, and believe it or not they got themselves ready in only less than ten minutes.  Talking about supportive aunties, huh? so, thank you so much. :)

the only reason why I'm a bit excited is because i will do my make-up. LOL!
basic smokey eye, light blush and nude lipstick.

with auntie sally and auntie lica.

the stage husband

my sab, who keeps on asking me when is she going to graduate too. :)

baby boy was too busy with his ipod.

After the program, we went to Fely J's kitchen at greenbelt, where we had our lunch. Though the food was delizioso, I didn't get to enjoy it because of my terrible cough.

one of my mom's fave dishes: kare kare

their beef rendang is yum. super soft, but nothing beats our own maranao version. you guys should try it.

hmmm. now I wonder what would be my next step? whatever it is. I hope I could make it too. aim high! :)