Hellcats Preview Of Aly Michalka All Together

Hellcats will be returning to end this season on April 19th, but we also have a preview of the upcoming episode! It features Aly Michalka in it. You will find it at the bottom of this post.
It is nice to see that they are starting to share more previews of Hellcats. I do wonder how this season will end? It seems that they will have to end it in a big way. Otherwise the series will be extremely lack luster the juicy details that other shows have.
What do you think about this preview? Should they release more previews or clips than they do? It feels that this show has fallen behind in promotion, which is sad. I always thought this show was popular? I guess maybe it is wrapping its current season up a little to close to The Vampire Diaries, which is also winding up the end of their season. Do you enjoy Hellcats? Do you think it captures life in school well?