Jasmine Villegas visits Pacman after training

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino-American teen singer Jasmine Villegas visited 8-division boxing champion Manny Pacquiao after the boxer's hard sparring day in Los Angeles.
In an interview with ABS-CBN North America, Pacquiao revealed that Villegas is his favorite singer of the Philippine National Anthem. Villegas sang in 3 of his past fights, most recent of which was on 2009 in his fight with Briton Ricky Hatton.
"She's doing well and she sings good. She's beautiful,” said Pacquiao.
This is the first time the 2 have seen each other after some time.
Villegas said she is happy to see the boxing icon once again.
Meanwhile, Villegas, who shot to fame for playing Justin Bieber's leading lady in the video “Baby,” gave a feedback on Pacman's Bieber-like hairstyle which he wore earlier this year.
“I liked it on Manny. Actually, I thought it suited him really nice. He could throw off any hair style so I thinks it's really cool,” said the teen singer.
As Pacquiao continues his epic boxing career, Villegas is also on her own path to stardom.
She told ABS-CBN North America that she is currently working on her debut album.
“I'm in the process of finishing up my album and I got a music video for ‘Jealous’ coming out on the 16th so that's what I'm busy with,” she mentioned.
After Villagas’ surprise visit, Pacquiao finished his autograph session early to tape 2 television interviews.
Sources from Team Pacquiao said one of the shows the boxing superstar taped on Thursday night is for Mario Lopez.
Aside from the few stars that come to visit the Fighter of the Decade, Pacman has kept out of the showbiz spotlight.