Pacifier Trouble

this one is for all the mommies who want to stop their child from using pacifiers.

I started giving pacifier to my daughter when she was two months old because she needed something to suck on otherwise she wouldn't stop drinking her milk from a bottle, which can lead to stomach pain and vomiting. after a year i gave birth to my son, and yes i also gave him pacifier for the same reason as his sister. At first it was a huge relief, aside from the problem being solved, it also helped me to put them to sleep a lot easier. They got really used to it that they couldn't sleep without it. I remember going out in the middle of the night just to buy pacifier when we couldn't find the old one.

during their pacifier days.

but then it turned the other way around they don't like to eat anymore. as long as they have pacifiers in their mouth they won't eat anything.

so, i thought i had to do something before it gets worse and besides they're not babies anymore. I told them that if they to continue to use it, their teeth would fall off. hahaha. I know trying to scare them isn't a good idea but there was nothing else i could think of. sadly, i failed! they were not scared at all.

so i googled it, and read some interesting ideas. so far, after trying some of those, there's one that is most effective. here's what i did:

I made a chart for each of them where i could draw a star that will record the days they didn't use their pacifiers. for each five stars which is equivalent to five days of no pacifier they will get a big surprise. so you know, kids just love surprises.  

here are the actual charts:

my daughter's chart, she filled in the chart first.

My son's chart, who took a little longer to fill it all.

As you can see they both achieved to fill in the boxes with stars, yehey! ☺

It has been almost a year now, and since then they never use pacifiers again.