Robert Pattinson Told People He Was Friends With Prince William

What do Robert Pattinson and Prince William have in common?
Absolutely nothing.

But that didn't stop Robert Pattinson telling people he's best buds with Prince William and the rest of the Royal Family when he first started going to the US.

R-Pattz said: "I don’t think I’ve ever met them. I used to tell people when I came to the States that I did. They believed me!

“Five or six years ago when I first used to come to Los Angeles there weren’t many English people, now there are like a million and people still believe me."

Rob continues to travel between Canada, the US and the UK for work, and says he only needs three bags with him at any one time - although he does still lose things.

He told Jimmy Kimmel: “I have three bags. Luckily I wear the same thing every single day. But I still manage to lose things.”