Sally Girl

I am the definition of "Balling on a budget"...Yes, i wear makeup everyday. Yes, i ALWAYS have my nails done. Yes, I do makeup on other people..BUT im not all about this expensive brands shit.Its not because I can't afford it. Its simply because Ive tried A LOT of different makeup brands, and Ive found cheap shit that works just as good as any 15.00 eyeshadow.

A 99cent Sally Girl eyeshadow will last just as long as a 13.00 MAC eyeshadow if you just use an eyeshadow primer. (youd use a primer with MAC anyway right?)

My favorite primer ever, as ive said before, is Urban Decays primer potion which i pay about 18 bucks for.But its worth it.
I get complimented on my "bright eyeshadow" everyday..The first thing out of everyones mouth is "is that mac?" the second thing is "omg its so bright!"

so boom!

Anyway im not here to hate on mac, because I dont at all. I love mac and own many many mac products.All im saying , like ive said before , is that mac isnt the only thing out there..AND you dont have to spend a bunch of money to look cute =)

If you havnt tried any sally girl products from Sallys beauty supply yet..Maybe you should. You'll be surprised. Just remember to use a primer people!!!


Oh and btw, Sally has nail polish, blush, lip glosses,eyeshadows, etc. All .99 ! and i think if you buy like 4, you get one free...dont quote me on that.

Ta Ta for now :)