Sally Hansen does it again!

I'm not going to go crazy talking about this product. Going to keep this short and sweet..

I was skeptical about these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips BUT
they are fucking amazing.

I got one yesterday (10 bucks at Walgreens) and I used them only on two nails...Like this...

 For the White polish i used another Sally Hansen product :) 
These sticker things come in a loottt of different designs, they are really easy to put on, dont need time to dry, and supposedly last 10 days. Ive had mine on for 3 days and i dont see a chip anywhere :) 
The thing i like the best about them , besides that it makes my life easier, is that they look and feel like real nail polish, They dont look like a cheap sticker..I put a little clear coat over mine, Not sure if your supposed to but Oh well! nothings happened yet :) 

Go get them!

You can see all the patterns and colors here :) 

ta ta for now :)