What I did yesterday

 What I did yesterday which happened to be a black saturday.
My dad had to meet someone at greenhills. So, my kids and I went with him since we would also meet my sister(ate les) and her family.
this is what I wore. A blouse from whoops, a skirt I bought a long time ago which I have worn for only three times, a blue skinny belt, and a thrifted black sandals that I bought while I was in Iligan City for only 120 pesos. Would you believe?

I had fun driving, it was quick and smooth. You’ll be glad to see EDSA with no traffic jams.  We arrived for less than 30 minutes and found a vacant parking lot easily.  I wonder how things would be like if this is going to be the normal every day in Metro Manila, hmmm. i bet it would be fun.
Too bad I left my camera inside the car, thus I wasn’t able to take photos while we were there.

We got to meet zyad again, my sister's son, whose such a cutie(mashaAllah). We ate snacks at promenade then the kids played at timezone.
Ate les and i tried on some shoes and we both ended up buying the same style and color of nice looking pair of shoes. Does that mean we got the same taste? hahaha. :)

we luckily bought them at a discounted price because the owner of the store was my dad's former officemate. he would even want us to take it for free, but with kindness, we refused. 

then we went straight home because my sister texted that she and her husband were on their way to our house to visit us and of course our dad who will be leaving the next day back to Lanao.

oh by the way, you guys should visit Regina's store at greenhills, they sell some pretty cute stuff at a very low price. i bought some goodies like stamps, erasers, stickers, and etc. for my little brother.

 here's one of the stuff i bought for my brother:

i don't know if he will like this but for me it looks interesting
interesting enough that i tore a single page from it. hahaha.

My sister and i even put some on our faces. funny, we were having fun like children. :)

I guess life is more fun when you act like a child once in a while. xoxo!