yess, a concerned mommy, indeed!

My husband’s mom and some relatives have been travelling to different Asian countries for two years now.   It sort of becomes an opportunity for them since the Cebu Pacific Airlines started giving away promos.  They went to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I always wanted to come with them, but only to realize that I still have classes or the promo ticket was over, and I don’t want to spend too much for a ticket.  A month ago they told me that they bought airline tickets bound to Hongkong next month (yeah, that early). That’s how the promo works you have to buy the ticket a month or even months ahead before the actual flight.  My mother-in-law kept on insisting that I should come this time since I already missed a lot.  At first, I felt hesitant and unsure since I’ve already been to Hongkong, and besides the tickets aren’t in promo anymore. I checked the internet, and the ticket price is getting higher each day. I thought I have to decide right away.  Since I would really like to bond with my in-laws to get closer with them, I think that this outing would be an ideal opportunity.  The picture of it made me feel excited as I imagine the places we went the last time I was in there.  The shopping specifically got me really thrilled.  So immediately I bought a ticket.
Right now, two weeks before the flight and I am not feeling excited anymore.  I didn’t realize that we will be there for six days. Six days? That’s too long.  What will happen to my kids?  Oh I’m becoming so worried.  I don’t trust our helpers and never will be.  Of course my husband would be there but he will not be at home during office hours and sometimes he has too much work that will make him so busy.  Aside from that, my kids are very attached to me. They will surely look for me especially during bedtime. I’m thinking of asking any close relative to stay in our house, just for the days while I’m away with the kids, but whom?  Oh god! I hope I could find one or else I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation and instead I’ll be worried sick.  So keeping my fingers crossed and hope there’s a sympathetic, kind relative who would be willing to take time to look after my kids. I would deeply appreciate it.
below are some of my photos from my last year's trip to HK.

p.s. we were only there for 3 days that's why it wasn't that hard for me when i left my kids.