Zac Efron Reportedly Dating Vanessa Hudgens' Friend

Following the report saying that Vanessa Hudgens' ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, was dating a Victoria's Secret model, another rumor has been emerged, insisting that Zac was not dating the model. Previously, the "High School Musical" star was spotted booking a VIP section of Roxbury club in Hollywood to date a mystery lady last March. The particular lady was later reported to be an underwear model named Candice Swanepoel.

The spinning rumor said that Zac was getting really close to the underwear model during a date night at the luxurious club. A witness said that Zac and Candice shared a romantic dance in a VIP room and the actor asked the light to be deemed. Not only that, the "Hairspray" actor was reportedly going home together with his mystery date.

In contrary to the swirling gossip, a source has leaked information about Zac's rumored new girlfriend, insisted that the mystery blond Zac has dated with was not Candice. The source said, "He wasn't at the club with her. He was with Laura New. She's a friend of Zac's and Vanessa [Hudgens]'s." In addition, Laura is a lead singer of a pop band, The Beach Girl5.

That was the first time Zac was reportedly dating a girl after breaking up with Vanessa. In the other hand, Vanessa has already introduced a new boyfriend. She was snapped spending time with Josh Hutcherson at Coachella Music and Art festival last weekend. Interestingly, the couple was hanging out at the gig together with Laura New.

While his ex-girlfriend had fun with her new lover at the annual festival, Zac chose not to attend the same event. He decided to have fun at another occasion as he was spotted hanging out with some unknown ladies at the Plan B concert at El Rey theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 19.