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  • Eric S.
    Mar 30, 10:43 AM
    So the next will be:

    OS Xi

    ... little i being key.

    Yes, it's already here; it's called iOS.

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  • maflynn
    Apr 22, 11:58 AM
    How do you feel about being tracked and information stored without your knowledge? Oh wait, it's ok, Uncle Stevie knows what's best.

    From what I've read, the police have known about this little feature for sometime and use it. So in a worst case scenario, Big Brother was watching.

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  • Cander
    Mar 28, 02:34 PM
    Welcome to 1984.

    Because not being eligible for an award ranks right up there with freedom of speech. :rolleyes:

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  • BurtonCCC
    Mar 24, 09:29 PM (

    Do it. Except for real. :D

    Good luck! I think you have all of MacRumors behind you now! For a little clarification, you do see your console's serial number is on your wireless network?


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  • gangzoom
    Mar 17, 05:49 PM
    I get the opposite, every one I know these days seem to have a iPhone, or Mac..i've been using Macs since the days of the MacPlus, and remember the the time when people use to stare at me blankly when i tried to explain to them why my computer running system 6.5 cannot run "PC" programs :p

    Personally I much preferred it when Apple had no market share :cool: I miss the days of Ramdoubler, conflicting extensions, apple file exchange and overpriced SCSI drives :)

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  • balamw
    Apr 12, 09:02 AM
    PCs, I think, is going too far.
    Microsoft, apparently, begs to differ.


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  • Aeolius
    Oct 4, 09:16 AM
    Yep, and the average US 'car' looks more like a tank to the rest of the world.
    Actually, I do drive a tank of sorts; a 10-passenger van with a wheelchair lift.

    Define your own boundaries, and call them normal. Nice.
    I never said it was normal for the "rest of the world". I was simply stating what was normally considered a mansion in the US.

    As for boundaries, if money was no object I'd be living on a self-sufficient seastead out in international waters.

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  • No1up
    Mar 17, 01:38 AM
    You seem like a joy to be around.

    What you did is inexcusably wrong, what do you expect? The "stoner," as you so eloquently put it, probably lost his job, and you're trying to make excuses for yourself.

    Grow up.

    Oh and by the way, ever heard of projection? I'm pretty sure my sex life has nothing to do with this dumb site. You seem a little unsettled though. Just saying.

    Well... The good in this, is that you saved cash, and if he did get fired you taught this boy a very valuable lesson, one in which he will not soon forget. He will find another job, he will grow up and use this story and be careful and attentive at his job.

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  • Sky Blue
    Mar 28, 02:22 PM
    It's a little cheeky, sure, but the Design Award isn't really anything but marketing opportunity for the devs.

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  • bretm
    Apr 25, 01:43 PM
    Curiouser and curiouser.

    If it's a fake, whoever did it did a pretty interesting job on it.

    It looks plausible.

    I mean we had:

    iphone 3g
    iphone 3gs

    why not
    iphone 4
    iphone 4gs

    Which would give incentive for people to go for the white one I guess.

    then the 5 comes out later?

    Because 3g stood for 3g connectivity. The added S stood for Speed because it got a much faster processor.

    What would 4gs mean? It's not a 4g phone. And it's not faster. It's a bigger screen. How about the 4b (bigger)?

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  • skye12
    Oct 6, 10:39 AM
    The 30% figure was for users in the NYC METRO area. People just don't read anything anymore except snippets and headlines.
    Also, very recently another frequency spectrum was rolled out in certain markets, Including NYC which should improve

    Verizon has its own problems too. And iphone users actually surf the net lol.

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  • japanime
    Mar 25, 03:46 AM
    the release in retrospect was a milestone in Apple's transformation from a struggling computer company into the major technology behemoth it is today.

    Odd choice of words. "Behemoth" is most often used to describe something that that it is so large that it is unpleasant. And "major behemoth" is redundant.

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 24, 06:11 PM
    Happy birthday to Apple's 'ONLY' good OS! :)

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  • leekohler
    Apr 27, 02:19 PM

    Back to the issue at hand, McDonalds....

    I literally almost threw up towards the end of the video. Do you think the perpetrators were aware of the victim's transgender status? I could barely make out what they were saying in the video as I had to listen to it quietly...

    Also- Let's realistically think about what the employees can/should have done... My initial instinct/gut reaction is for the manager to lock the doors to prevent the girls from running. Then you need to realize that McDonalds surely has policies in place for times like this, and the risk of an employee getting injured attempting to apprehend a criminal is a lawsuit waiting to happen....

    Another gut reaction is that if the manager had a shotgun under the counter, this situation never would have devolved into the poor victim convulsing on the floor.

    My last gut reaction is that Baltimore finally made it to my list of places to never return to.

    I think if I were her, I would consider moving to a different city as well. I can only imagine that these girls have relatives who will most likely harass her. It's sad to say, but it happens a lot.

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  • mw360
    Apr 6, 08:03 AM
    Agreed. Sadly, I was working on an App nearly IDENTICAL to what Apple just came out with. I am about 80% done but am wondering if it is even worth completing:

    Been tried, been rejected.

    Nice try though. An app where you make money every time someone taps the screen - you must have been wetting yourself with excitement.

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  • Daringescape
    Nov 16, 04:48 PM
    This is off topic, but I was down in San Diego a while ago and saw some iMacs in a hotel lobby with a screen that let you choose between Windows and osX. I have seen boot camp so I know you see 2 different disks when you boot, but these were a windows icon and an osX icon you could click on.

    Has anyone else seen this?

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  • anjinha
    Apr 21, 11:23 AM
    Yeah, I see what you're saying. I was able to change the vote on your post back and forth from 1 to -1 with one click.

    On a side note, before I start a new thread about it, is anyone having issues with the ability to view PMs? I'm getting a "fatal error".

    I voted Skunk's post as well so that accounts for one vote.

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  • Nekbeth
    Apr 28, 09:12 AM
    Thanks Knight, you are one of those who does helps no matter what, so I appreciate your patience, like Jethrotoe said. So, please don't take everything I typed and generalize it, because it's not for everyone. You personally look into the problem, ask questions about what's going on.. that is good !!, some other don't have your patience and throw in the typical sentence " Go learn fundamentals and come back" as soon as they see a basic mistake. So Patience I think is the right word to describe what's been going on here. It is actually a virtue and a basic one for a teacher to have.

    Back to the code, here is a photo of my connections (ignore canceBigtimer). What you say is true I don't know how NSTimer works entirely , just some parts, I realize that and it is one of the reason I postpone my timer for a future update (need to study it).

    You mention my two global variables, It makes sense that the timer does not stop because the variables are outside the method that creates the timer. is that whats going on?

    I have two timers, because, like I said.. I don't have full knowledge of timers. I know now that 1 timer is enough, even if I use two timers and start them at the same time, the log only shows 1 loop and the countdown in separate labels show e.g. 59 in one and 58 in another and so on.

    I got confuse because some other forums told me that I should make 2 timers.

    It's ok, I never ask for code, I leave that to the person. You have pointed out a big mistake on my part already and that is more than I can ask. This code is actually from a follow up tutorial in one of my books to learn NSTimer, the name of the book is "iPhone SDK Programming, A Beginner's Guide ", after the book explains everything and the code is working, it doesn't tell you how to stop it, reset it or add minutes to it, and that is why I wanted to complete what was left from this book.

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  • SilentPanda
    Apr 21, 11:46 AM
    In other words, there is no allowance for apathy. I can't be arsed with a system that doesn't allow for apathy. **** that.

    Apathy would be not clicking anything.

    May 5, 09:21 PM
    "Do you have the household cleaners in the house, and are they locked up and out of reach of your child?"

    "Do you have the guns in the house, and are do they have trigger locks and/or are they locked up and out of reach of your child?"

    That one elicits a defensive, paranoid response while the other doesn't says more about the parent than the doctor.

    The NRA has so brainwashed their members that the boogeyman is gonna confiscate their guns that there has to be some hidden agenda in questions about firearms. The doctor are not turning you into some database, I promise. We just care about the safety of your child/

    This is kind of the way I see it. Doctors or any child-safety-related services person start asking questions, and the parents will gleefully talk about how safe everything in their house/car is (cleaners and poisons safely stored away, cabinets locked, access to pool is locked, car seats, etc). One question about guns and suddenly they go ape****** about how their privacy is being invaded. I see the whole gun-ownership thing as kind of a dick-waving exercise. Guys start talking about their guns and suddenly get very defensive and somewhat arrogant. Yes, that's my opinion....I have no source to cite.

    Oct 17, 08:59 AM
    Now I'm definitely waiting this battle out, no matter how interesting it becomes.

    Apr 29, 05:41 PM
    thank God! that slider was stupid for sure!

    Nov 23, 05:25 PM
    In any event, it gives me an excuse to click on tomorrow.

    You need an excuse? :p ;) :D

    Apple Shmapple
    Oct 11, 04:09 PM
    It's obvious that Steve Jobs was going to release the True Video iPod soon. I think they intended to release the true video iPod in October when they announced Movie downloads. Something must have happened that the iPod was just not ready, so they scrambled and made some minor upgrades that they intended to do anyways.

    Apple knows it has to get it right or it could be a big disaster. Their goal is to release it before the holidays, but if for some reason they can't, it will be released at Mac World. I think their main issues that have caused it to be delayed is the battery life and the screen cover. The battery life has to be from 4 to 6 hours and the screen has to have some kind of protection that won't be damaged if it is touched constantly.

    If it is going to be released it will happen anytime from now until the second week of November or during the first week of December. If it does not happen during these two time frames it won't happen until Mac World.

    Great post. I've been saying this all along. The widescreen iPod is a severly delayed product. And don't give me semantics about how an unannounced product can be delayed. That's just Apple's way to shirk around the responsibility that comes along with a deadline.

    This product will not drop during the holiday season. Who knows if it will even be ready by January.