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  • Josh
    Dec 9, 11:00 AM
    I second the heater function. The only problem I have is it takes some time to warm up. Yeah...that's in the room I SLEEP in.


    101.5 degrees F is nothing...My last p4 idled at around 127 degrees :p

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  • sth
    May 4, 06:24 PM
    Does this mean you can still hook up a PS3 to a 2011 iMac?
    This is about video-out, not video-in.

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  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 15, 12:58 PM
    > if (any(socscore<=3)) q<-0 else q=1
    > q
    [1] 0
    Why am I only getting 1 answer?

    Thanks in advance,


    One of the hardest things to remember when using R compared to other programming languages, is that almost everything you do is a vector operation. When you do q <- 0, R is going to apply the "<- 0" to the entire vector of q. And if you haven't created q before this, q will just be set equal to either 0 or 1. What you're asking R to do is if any value in socscore is less or equal to than 3, assign 0 to q, otherwise assign 1 to q. I'm assuming you want q to be a vector of 0's and 1's corresponding to whether socscore <= 3 or not?

    There are a couple ways to do that. You can either use a loop:

    q <- rep(NA, length(socscore))
    for ( i in 1:length(socscore) {

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 6, 11:12 PM
    Erase and Install.

    Lesson: Don't install preview/beta OS over your original OS when you are relying on that machine.

    +1. I'm going to wait till Lion has been out for 2-3 months and all the 3rd party software I use is compatible with it :D


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  • Blakeasd
    Apr 30, 11:00 AM
    I am having the same problem :( any solutions?

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  • Ruahrc
    Feb 22, 03:31 PM
    I agree, to be a professional landscape/nature photographer you have to be really good. Actually, from my "hobby photographer outside looking in" perspective, being a successful photographer for profit is more about marketing and sales than about the photography itself. Let's face it, while there are some true photographic geniuses out there, almost anyone can learn to be a competent photographer with a little work and dedication. Once you are competent, it's all about selling.

    I'm not sure about animals looking at the camera though. I heard a good saying once, that the pros don't go out to shoot animals. They go out and shoot animal behavior. In other words, the most compelling pictures of animals is when you have captured them doing something unique or exhibiting some special behavior. Pictures of lions sitting on rocks, cheetahs in the grass, etc. are dime a dozen. Pictures of lions or cheetahs taking down a zebra, that is more special.



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  • bennetsaysargh
    Dec 21, 08:49 AM
    i think it's kinda odd to have a trailer for a website that has been over-hyped for a while, but whatever floats their boats i suppose.

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  • AWallen90
    May 4, 09:49 AM
    Are either of these options possible?

    1. He sends the iPhone 4 32GB to you, and you have to give the post office employee the iPhone 4 16GB in exchange for the one he sent you?

    2. He refunds the 100au or so difference between the iPhone 32gb and the one he sent you?


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  • xxRONNIExx
    Apr 7, 11:09 PM
    Okay thank you for your help I'll try SD...I also heard about CCC, i wonder which is the best to use. I'll do a little more research. I have a lot of iTunes music and i dont want to lose it.
    Maybe the best thing I should do is wait until I get the iMac first, transfer everything then give it away. Or better yet take it to a apple genius and let them do it for me...??

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  • FeaRThiS
    May 6, 02:43 PM
    How is this thread ridiculous? Is someone on here already tried any of those and it didn't work or did work. Perhaps they can share with us. Nothing ridiculous about it.
    And you see, i got the answers for the replies above

    Errrrm YES page 8 of the "When is the iPad 2 jailbreakcoming out?" (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12491841&postcount=199) thread.


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  • iRach
    May 3, 03:40 PM
    hurry, buy now, enjoy it now.

    No reason to wait for the unknown.


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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 23, 07:36 AM
    It could be as simple as that? There isn't anything that stands out as a concrete reason why it wouldn't work?

    Should I try upgrading to leopard first and then Snow Leopard? I don't have the "upgrade disc" I have the full install one that came with my other Mac.

    Get the 29 USD Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Upgrade DVD. It will work. The DVD you have is model specific and will not work with other Mac models.


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  • jackerin
    Jan 15, 04:49 PM
    When you access the track editor there should be a checkbox to follow tempo and pitch, see if it's checked, if so uncheck it.

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  • farmerdoug
    Mar 29, 12:34 PM
    if I run system("ls > tmp.tmp") I don't have any problem. I am getting an output to the terminal instead of writing to the file.


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  • Littleodie914
    Nov 28, 08:47 PM
    Does anyone know anything about those thin-looking Plextor DVD burners? Thanks!

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  • lPHONE
    Feb 20, 07:50 PM
    The recruitment seminar is really relaxed and you will get through it as long as you be yourself, engage with the recruiters and other people there and ask plenty of questions at the end regarding the job. Don't come over too much as a hardcore Apple fanboy but talk about how much you can't put down your iPhone/iPod. During the group exercises, make sure you try and come over as a good leader but good team player at the same time - make sure that your ideas are part of the main focus but be sure to agree with ideas that you wish you though of. Otherwise, just enjoy it as it's really relaxed and you will spend most of the two and a half hours watching a presentation, videos and doing some group exercises. They get through hundreds of CV's at a time and to get the chance to be considered is a good achievement. Just out of interest, what store are you thinking of joining and what position are you after? omg, all this to work at a friggin retail store?!?! I thought you were applying for work at 1 Infinite Loop or something and "creative" meaning you were designing products... someone explain to me why would anyone want to work at a mall store?


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  • imahawki
    May 2, 01:36 PM
    Setting my computer to never sleep didn't fix it. I'm not really interested in using another program. TM should work. I'm a little stubborn and once I get something stuck in my craw I just want it to work, but on top of that, I actually LIKE the way TM works (when it works).

    It seems like I can consistently get a backup to run right after a reboot but it will inevitably fail after that first backup runs. I've reformatted the drive with no fix other than generating an extremely long initial backup. I've got two drives for offsite rotation and the error occurs with both. The drives weren't bought at the same time and aren't out of the same batch (in fact one is a WD Black and the other is a WD Green) so I'm not thinking its a disk issue.

    My computer is less than 90 days old. Should I call Apple?

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  • Littleodie914
    Mar 20, 02:10 PM
    This would save me so much time. I hate having to click my username, then click my statistics, then find posts by me, then find the thread I'm looking for...

    All just to respond to the people who are talking to me. Gets old. :)

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  • Agilus
    Apr 3, 06:11 PM
    Thanks for the info and links. I haven't played in a while either, but I had the sudden urge :) This site maybe of interest to you: www.gobase.org They have a nice database of pro games.

    I've been to gobase.org. I didn't study that much, and was much more interested in reading books and just playing. Maybe if I have the time to really get into it in the future I'll try to analyze pro games. However, looking at them at my current skill level would probably just confuse me. :)

    Doctor Q
    Mar 10, 05:28 PM
    Sorry I just had my last one for lunch.
    I guess you're not on a diet. They're rather large. :cool:

    Jun 12, 01:23 AM
    This has to be the least hyped(and cared about) keynote since steve jobs returned to Apple. I didnt even know when it was going to be until I read on a videogame website that there was this 3d game for the new iphone.
    Apple computers and software is not bad, its just being neglected. I am afraid that Apple is no longer creating great computers that beat out other pc's. They are halting that, and concentrating on entertainment(movies & music) and other gadgets...iphone,ipod, apple tv, airport...etc.

    1. I disagree. I think this keynote was very hyped, one of the most talked about before hand. Traffic/interest at the site during the keynote was the highest ever.

    2. I think what we've heard about Snow Leopard is exactly the direction Apple should be going. More substance, than style. Some people might have been happier if Apple devoted time on a flashy new interface for 10.6, but in the long run, we are going to benefit much more with the kind of performance enhancements they have described.


    Apr 16, 02:21 PM
    My real name is Max-So it's gotta have Max
    I like Apple-So it needs an "i"
    I'm not that great at gaming-SO therefore add noob or N00b
    I love Xbox 360 and Wii-need a 360 and maybe 2 i's



    Apr 8, 02:34 PM

    YES... apple should make something like that. :mad:

    Mar 20, 06:51 AM
    I haven't seen anything mentioned here as a decent game that's not also available in Japan. All they sell here are the Jap imports and they have all the "names" mentioned here...plus the Pokemon game everyone's on "pins and needles" for :p