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  • Sir_Giggles
    Jan 2, 08:57 PM
    Hey not to mention the wastedump that is the gallery.

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  • howesey
    Dec 6, 06:24 PM
    Easy fix.

    99% of times it is WM9. To prevent the plugin from loading go '/Library/Internet Plugins' and trash or move
    "Windows Media Plugin". I have created a folder called Disabled, I move it to there, and if I want it I move it back to the plugins directory.

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  • sam12345-2008
    May 3, 01:11 PM
    Okay, so I've restored the drive to one partition, but now when i try to download the window support software I get an error message telling me "the support software is not available".

    Surely it's not usually this difficult?

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 16, 05:31 AM


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  • ortuno2k
    Dec 21, 12:45 AM
    That looks like a real messed up PB!

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  • dotdotdot
    Mar 20, 02:40 PM
    Well, If you own 2 keyboards and 2 mice then why don't you check to see if your monitor already supports 2 computers and that will save you money?


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  • eastercat
    May 5, 01:03 PM
    It's based on what Apple is signing, not what's on your phone. I don't know why the OP didn't want to save the blob. If you've got the blob, you can install that ios anytime you want.
    can u only save blobs from the current FW that your idevice is on or can u save whatever Apple is signing?

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  • MacBytes
    Feb 24, 11:27 AM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Adobe versus the world (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20050224122716)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug


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  • medea
    Oct 20, 02:47 PM
    That's what I was thinking bee7777, posts like this should go in the Mac Help Questions forum, but I dont like bugging mods about every little thing.

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  • jsgreen
    May 6, 09:42 AM
    Is anyone running Lion on a lower-powered machine? I'd like to hear feedback on those who have tried it on an 11" MBA.


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  • trackbikes
    May 4, 04:43 PM
    I had this when i got an imac a few weeks back... it's your desk. seriously!

    Have a look at my previous threads and you'll find the details of the post and how i fixed it.

    edit...... => this post... http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1137139&highlight=

    Picked up a new 2011 iMac today and had the same thing, isolate the imac from the desk and it will go.

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  • Horrortaxi
    Aug 26, 11:28 PM
    That's probably a mix of Stage 1 and 2.


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  • aricher
    Mar 26, 03:00 PM
    Thank you for posting this review, I was just looking at buying these the other day since my old pair of Shures finally gave out. I was almost going to get them at the Apple Store while I was returning my iPad Smart Cover but saw them on Amazon for a little bit less, no I just have to wait for shipping.

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  • nomade
    Mar 11, 09:57 AM
    Oh I forgot to give credit for the javascript:
    <!-- Original: D. Keith Higgs (dkh2@po.cwru.edu) -->
    <!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
    <!-- The JavaScript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com -->



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  • RedTomato
    Mar 31, 06:47 PM
    Attach any tripod, even a cheap one. Extend legs of tripod, but don't open it out. Just hold it and use it as a stabilising arm, either grounded, or off the ground.

    I've had excellent results like that. Bonus is you can use it as a handheld crane and get very good angles you couldn't get otherwise.

    I've been known to open the elbow to 90 degrees and run along with the camera an inch above the grass to get the worm's eye view.

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  • rgs3
    Apr 20, 10:04 AM
    Apple didn't include it so you can just throw it away.

    Who says it was thrown away, Bud?


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  • macnulty
    Jan 1, 12:26 PM
    Besides the obvious of Apple, Filemaker and Nisus (Writer Express 2, great word processor)

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 24, 07:54 AM
    Actually there is a malloc, it's embedded in the memcpy.

    My mistake. But the underlying problem is the same: the address of returnElement is on the stack. The address of the memory the at malloced in the call to memcpy is "lost" as it is never saved into a variable. So that malloced memory is leaked.

    But, if I understand you correctly, the act of copying from the heap to the stack has the same effect of free()?

    No. Absolutely 100% not. You have allocated space on the heap with the malloc. The malloc returned the address for you to free later. You did not save this address so cannot call free but that is OK as memcpy also returns the destination address (so as you can put the memcpy and malloc in one line like you have). But you fail to save the address their, instead dereferencing the pointer and saving that value in a variable. So at this point the malloced space on the heap is leaked. This is a problem. The space you allocated on the stack for the double is fine: it will get cleaned up for you.

    The solution is to split this into two lines. You need to have a void * pointer variable that you store the return from memcpy in. You can then dereference and cast the that into returnElement. And finally free the void * pointer returned from memcpy.

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  • applemike
    Jul 28, 07:49 PM
    Just saw this in my home town


    Police car fail? or tow truck win?

    Mar 8, 10:16 PM
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    Apr 26, 05:26 PM
    Is it possible to change the processor on the current Quad Core Mac Pro to the processor a 12-Core Mac Pro has. I mean, I will buy the processor from a website and install it on the Quad Core Mac Pro. Is that possible? Thank you for the responses in advance.

    Apr 20, 07:18 AM
    The ATI Radeon HD 5770 doesn't work with the ACD27". I know it has DisplayPort, but there is a bug with various ATi 5xxx cards which makes them incompatible. It is an ATi issue and there is NO fix.

    That being said, all ATI 5xxx EYEFINITY 6 cards with DisplayPort work. All AMD Radeon 6xxx cards with DisplayPort work. And all nVidia GeForce cards with DisplayPort work. You can get a nice GeForce card w/ DP for $150. And any modern video card will support 2560x1440. Any DisplayPort video card on newegg will work for you as long as it isn't an ATi Radeon 5xxx card. You could also buy an Atlona DP400 but its $150, the same as a new video card (ripoff).

    This is simply not accurate I'm afraid.
    The 27" ACD works absolutely fine with the Apple OEM 5770 upgrade card with MDP, also with the 5870. After all, why would Apple sell these graphic cards if they didn't work with their only display? Further, my 5870 and 27" ACD get along like a house on fire. Note that you have to buy the Apple cards, not just a standard PC card like you seem to be implying.

    As for the OP?
    I'd definitely recommend a new GPU. You have several options, which all work fine despite Apple not officially supporting some of them:

    1) NVIDIA GT120 - slowest card, but also the cheapest.
    2) ATi 4870 (Apple OEM) - decent card, overpriced now though
    3) ATi 5770 (Apple OEM) - same performance as the 4870, but more VRAM
    4) ATi 5870 (Apple OEM) - best card currently available for Mac Pros

    Your 2008 Mac Pro has PCIe 2.0, so no problems there. New card goes in the bottom slot, and you can keep your 2600XT installed as well.

    Nov 14, 05:18 AM
    Just in case anybody is interested...

    I made a simple CoreImage test app to try and get to grips with CoreImage. It's not very advanced but it can do a number of effects and is fun to play with.

    I need somebody to host it for the moment because I'm away from my webserver so if anybody can do that then it will be available for download.

    Requires a CoreImage compatible graphics card that is Quartz2DExtreme capable. Works nice and smoothly on my 17" Powerbook (Most recent gen).


    Jul 6, 09:17 AM
    Try a Thinkpad T-series. Best-built for the money, with user-replaceable parts (try finding that on most machines today), and a keyboard that puts all others to shame.

    I like my t400. If only it wasn't running windows. The battery lasts forever.