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  • iRach
    May 5, 04:55 PM
    Your probably right. I think I'll get the white one.

    I had the same dilemma, was going to wait for the 5, 'till the white one came out...:D

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  • gnasher729
    May 7, 03:03 AM
    One thing that bugs me about the illegal tethering situation:

    If AT&T knows who is illegally tethering, why do they allow it to happen? Why not simply prevent tethering packets from reaching the Internet?

    AT&T obviously can differentiate between data to the YouTube app and data through MyWi because they meter legal tethering to 4Gb limit.

    Is it just a big tease? And why not simply back charge everyone who used MyWi/PdaNet in the past?

    When I talked to the AT&T rep, she said I had tethered illegally. But she could not tell me the specific times I had tethered. Lame.

    AT&T would want a "solution" that is legal and makes them money. The best outcome for them if someone is tethering without permission is to telll the person, who then changes to a plan that allows tethering, paying money every month. If it works that way, perfect for AT&T: It is legal, and it makes money.

    Backcharging would be a _huge_ legal problem. There is no contract that allows them to charge for tethering. They would have to take people to court. Which is expensive and really pisses them off, so they wouldn't be customers in the future. AT&T would rather you pay for phone and tethering for the next ten years, rather than backcharging you for the last year and losing you.

    Preventing tethering is difficult as well. Right now they might know enough to send you a letter, and if you get one of those without ever having tethered you just tell them. Their recognition doesn't need to be perfect. If they try to cut tethering off, they have to be one hundred percent sure (not 99.999% sure) that they don't cut off anything that isn't tethering. Again, they will lose customers otherwise. And of course they don't make money doing this.

    When you called it "lame" that the rep didn't know any exact times: Why would they? First step is identifying customers who are likely tethering and sending them a letter. You either sign up to tethering or you don't. If you don't, they can then watch your connection a lot, lot more closely. That is the point where it costs them money, and if you are tethering, it may cost you money. Your legal position has become a lot worse if you lied to them about not tethering and they can prove it, because then it isn't breach of contract anymore, it is suddenly fraud. A real crime.

    Because they are using the illegal tethering issue to force people off grandfathered unlimited data plans. And to collect the legal tethering fees. You just put a block on there and they've got no leverage.

    Depends on how hard they try. So if AT&T asks you (politely) to sign up for tethering, what can you do? You can say "Oh, I didn't know that wasn't allowed, sign me up". Good for AT&T. You can say "Oh, I didn't know that wasn't allowed, I'll stop tethering". Kind of good for AT&T. You can say "I've never tethered", and if that is the truth, nothing they can do. You can say "I'm tethering, but I'm not going to pay" and they can cancel your contract for cause, which is likely bad for you. You can lie "I've never tethered" in which case you may be in _real_ trouble if they follow it up and can prove you are tethering.

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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 7, 10:19 AM
    Well, I don't think he'd go to that much trouble just to taunt the French media...If he does race I think the reason will be because that's what he does, and he doesn't want to stop.

    Quote: Armstrong Said (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/cycling/4219934.stm) "I'm thinking it's the best way to p*** [the French] off. I'm not willing to put a percentage on the chances but I will no longer rule it out."

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  • SideStepSociety
    Apr 28, 08:30 PM
    I believe it only works in 4.3+.

    Here's a thread with some more info:



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    Dec 10, 07:32 PM
    I have a Super Disk drive. It's like ZIP disks, only they're 120MB. It's USB and something else which might be SCSI. I could include 5+ 120MB Superdisks. This drive will also read 1.44MB Floppy Disks. The drive itself is an IMATION Super Disk Drive and is clear in color.

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  • motulist
    May 3, 09:54 PM
    On the front page, I had a spinning beachball for a few minutes and could not exit. Doing the software update which included Safari and Java seemed to solve this problem, but I'm not sure if that was the cause.

    Thanks for the input, but that's not the issue here. My computer was running perfectly, no beachballs, and I was still able to perfectly contact and load every other site at that time, and DownForEveryone said that the site was down for them too.


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  • bedifferent
    Mar 12, 10:32 AM
    Hmmm, seems I may have read it wrong, I mistook "partition" as meaning another partition on your main HDD/SSD and glanced over the "external" and "internal" points. Yeah, been a long day, and being blond ain't helping lol

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  • R94N
    Nov 4, 10:35 AM
    Quite a nice idea - one of the other forums I visit uses VBulletin software as well and it has the photos.


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  • JacaByte
    Jun 23, 09:05 AM
    Wow, wish I could change my avatar now. Those are all pretty nice.

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  • G-Force
    May 2, 06:56 AM
    I'm happy with Safari's performance, but I will try those browsers as soon as I have upgraded the machine. Thanks :)


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  • tlevier
    Oct 13, 01:39 PM
    It's like the publisher said to a low level writer: "Why don't we have any articles about Apple?" and the low level writer said: "I'll do one up in 30 minutes."

    julian mcmahon and dannii. Dannii Minogue, and Julian
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  • alphaone
    Mar 6, 01:25 AM
    I'm really curious to see how the mobile chips compare to my 2600k. I'll put something together tomorrow.


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  • mtbdudex
    Nov 3, 11:28 AM
    can Aperture 3 directly create albums and/or add photos?

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  • rickvanr
    Mar 18, 08:42 PM
    I think only a few east coast stores ever had them, and you were required to activate in store to prevent re-selling.

    Anyways, that doesn't apply at all to anyone international. eyemac, no don't worry about it :) I'd prefer to keep offers to PM just for privates sake but I will comment that I'm looking for a little more because I still lose a few dollars there, and I really don't want to lose any money. I'm seeing them go for $450-$550 on eBay so that would be optimal but I don't expect that here, of course.

    Please bid if you are interested :)

    I'd think expecting to get $550 is overly optimistic. eBay might be your best bet, people on here tend to be informed and aren't willing to overpay.

    Good luck in your sale.


    julian mcmahon and dannii. to actor Julian McMahon,
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  • minik
    Oct 27, 11:29 PM
    I saw some people just took the Leopard T-shirts and left the store.

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  • Sir_Giggles
    Dec 21, 10:38 AM
    Thats probably the gayest trailer I have ever seen, save for the ending logo.

    I was stupid enough to click on the 159MB trailer only to be treated to the lamest, overhyped nothing. I pity the fool who would download the 306MB version.


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  • appleguy123
    Oct 3, 08:28 PM
    Does anyone have a picture of a splayd?

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  • MBP13
    May 5, 02:49 AM
    ^Thank you for that chart. I'll have fun cleaning it out, for sure.

    The iMac I bought off of eBay has a the ABS. I'll have to get used to not using a back-lit keyboard, but I think I'll be fine.

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  • MarioB
    Mar 14, 03:51 PM
    Haven't tried it but i've heard of iswift (or was it iswifter?) is an app similar to skyfire and it lets you play flash through their proxy servers

    May 2, 06:34 AM
    When compared to the brand new black one my brother got, the white is far better. The difference is so dramatic, nothings been changed on the Antennagate black phone. That's a total shame.

    This is really good to hear. Are your and your brother's phone on the same network? Does his suffer from the death grip problem or just weak signal in general?

    I've just sold my iPhone 4 to a friend (who didn't seem to care too much about the weak antenna) because the signal would fluctuate from five to one bars and constantly miss calls, compared to another friend's iPhone 3Gs with a solid five bars in the same location. This could give me an excuse to buy the white one :D

    Jan 2, 01:25 AM
    I hate Spymac. They aut' to be ashamed of themselves for doing this. They're going to charge for documentation when anyone can go there and post pictures for free. They definitely have the wrong priorities.

    Jul 3, 03:16 PM
    Apple replaced the MBP with a new 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro.

    Thanks for your interest though. :)

    Sep 8, 06:55 PM
    I hope they are wrong. It is really sad. Apple just keeps falling behind more and more.

    Apr 9, 04:09 AM
    An iSurface would be pretty cool, like a giant ipad touchscreen to lay on your dining table - kinda piggybacking on the microsoft surface functionality but.. of course small =P and more beautiful.