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  • Clipse79
    Jun 5, 12:52 PM
    I`m a little new to some of the Mac World and this weekend. When do things like the new iphone and ipod touch show up in the stores if announced this weekend?

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  • MacRumors
    Jul 23, 11:56 AM (

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  • anti-microsoft
    Mar 3, 09:35 AM
    I know what I'm suggesting is a little trivial, but I think it's unnecessary. I think a solution to this could be: instead of adding repeated question marks, add the "?" icon in front of a post. This could be a more elegant, less annoying and more effective solution to getting your question answered.

    Thank you for your tolerance,


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  • Full of Win
    Jul 8, 09:27 AM
    Looks-wise, the Apple Pro Mouse has to be one of the most beautiful ever made.


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  • coolbreeze
    Jan 18, 08:33 PM
    Not trying to steal interest from this board, but check out Spymac's newest offerings. It's almost a literal free .mac package. I've signed up and don't plan on renewing .mac (I made the decision not to renew long before Spymac).

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  • gkarris
    Apr 2, 08:09 PM
    Not limited edition according to Engadget and Joystiq. Worry not.

    The version but what about the Black color - is that permanent?


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  • showstep
    May 5, 08:16 AM
    Hi all !!

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  • Beaverman3001
    May 2, 08:24 PM
    I found a dead pixel today. Maybe my vision just sucks but, even when I look for it knowing where its at, I can't see it unless conditions are perfect (100% screen brightness, white background, nothing else near it). It really isn't that big of a deal, no screen is perfect.


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  • DocNYz
    Mar 8, 11:03 PM
    While the 3D thing might not interest you, the 3DS is much more powerful than the current DSi, meaning much better graphic capabilities. So if you ever want to play anything other than Pokemon Black in the next couple of years you should wait for the 3DS.

    If you're not really interested in gaming on the DS or doing anything other than Pokemon Black go ahead and save some money buying the DSi.

    Not only that but you can filly adjust the 3D effect to your liking (including completely off) but again, I wouldn't knock it till you try it. I'm pretty sure Mario kart and ocarina of time 3D are going to be epic beyond people's predictions.

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  • DrakkenWar
    Apr 19, 11:54 PM
    Have to agree with everyone here. Bought ram to max out my dual 533, my dual 1.8 and this dual amd x2 here. Customer service is great, shipping is quick. Have yet to RMA anything.



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  • JowFlowAble
    Feb 13, 12:38 PM
    :confused: :apple: can i use pdanet for ipod touch :confused: :apple:

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  • dcv
    Sep 14, 10:01 AM
    I am considering having my teeth whitened - my dental practice is offering �100 off at the moment so it's *only* �495 :eek:

    Sounds like a lot of money i know, but let's put this into perspective, a 20" ACD is still more expensive!

    The procedure is called Brite Smile and involves having a bleaching gel applied to your teeth which is then activated by an intense blue light. This is done in three 20 minute sessions so in just over an hour they claim to whiten your teeth by up to 9 shades.

    So does anyone have recent experience of this? Are the results really that good and does it last a while (literature i've got here says about 2 yrs)? I was at the dentist yesterday and the receptionist said she'd had hers done last week and they did look really good, but then i don't know what her teeth were like beforehand.

    is there anyone in the UK that's had this done and if so how much did you pay?


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  • MacTech68
    Mar 28, 06:23 AM
    I'm more curious about what else may be roaming around there (considering the department it's come from).

    I remember in my second year working with Apple IIs, the local clone dealer loaned us a robotic arm with an Apple II interface and software.

    You could program 3 vectors and the arm would 'navigate' to that position.

    I've never been able to remember the name of the device and for a school it's usefulness was limited, but it was fun to play with.

    IIRC, you could program positions for each joint in a sequence and kind of make it dance to a routine. :D

    I wonder if it's floating around down there?

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  • GGJstudios
    May 4, 08:19 PM
    AppCleaner will uninstall every part of a program, including the oddball things that don't get uninstalled when you drag it to the trash.
    No, it won't.

    Thanks!! That works awesome!!
    Actually, it doesn't.
    u can also use Appzapper.
    That's not any better.

    AppZapper, AppCleaner, CleanApp, TrashMe, and similar apps do not do a thorough job of removing all files/folders related to deleted apps. I tested several of these, using Skype as the app to be removed. Of 17 items to be removed:
    AppZapper missed 13 items
    AppCleaner missed 11 items
    AppDelete missed 8 items
    Hazel missed 9 items
    I also tested AppTrap, CleanMyMac and a few others, but don't recall how many items they missed. All left files/folders behind. In most cases, they remove .plist files and a few others, but leave behind much larger files and folders. (you will find a discussion of these tests in the thread linked below)

    One app that I would not recommend, based on the number of complaints that have been posted in this forum and elsewhere, is CleanMyMac. As an example: CleanMyMac cleaned too much (

    The only effective method for complete app removal is manual deletion:
    Best way to FULLY DELETE a program (


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  • Dagless
    Mar 20, 12:01 PM
    There's nothing to avoid really. It's near the best version of lemmings since the Amiga ones.

    A brash thing to say! I'm expecting this to be an inch shy of perfect now.

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  • peskaa
    Apr 18, 04:32 AM
    I was in a similar, ish, situation. Other half has Pokemon Black, but our DS Lites don't like our WiFi (how dare we use WPA...), so we decided to upgrade one unit to something more modern.

    Initially we bought a 3DS, but sent it back within a few days. The handling of DS games on the upper screen isn't that good to be honest (scaling issues), and we felt the 3D was a waste of time and money. Instead we picked up a new DSi for �95 (love airports), and it's great - less than half the cost, far superior battery life, and also supports WPA and the DSi store.


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  • D-Love
    Jan 15, 04:07 PM
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get into Macs as I've been very impressed with what I've seen at our local Apple store. I'm definately getting an iPhone someday and am leaning towards getting a Macbook.

    Couple things REALLY p'd me off about Job's address today.....

    1. No announced blu-ray support. I thought something would be coming(FINALLY) being that blu has all but sealed up the format war and that Apple was a partner. Nothing. I want a Macbook with an optical drive...and I don't want it limited to DVD. I have 52 blu-ray movies and the ability to store 25GB per layer on a single blu-ray disk makes me yearn for a notebook with support and I don't want to go get a Sony Vaio. I would like to use Leopard.

    2. iPhone updates. New software upgrades. Yay, great. Seriously, the map feature is cool and all that. Neat. Wheres the HARDWARE upgrades?! All these leaked rumors about 3G capability and the need for more storage space only to get neither issue addressed. WHY?

    The MBA is really cool and neat, but will be just a niche product - at least for now until there features added. Right now its just a slimmer version of the Macbook with less power, no optical drive, and no user-replaceable battery. A really cool niche product, but not practical at all.

    MW isn't over yet....could it be that more announcements such as those I addressed could still be made? I'm hoping so, because if not I am VERY disappointed in what I saw today.

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  • wolrabn
    May 1, 02:21 AM
    Hi guys,

    wondered if someone can help at all. Have searched the net quite extensively with this one - I'm now under the assumption the logic board will need replacing unless anyone can tell me otherwise?

    I'll list as much info as I can if you need anything else let me know.

    Got an iPhone 3g from a friend that only powers in DFU mode when connected to the mac/pc.

    Blank screen permanently on.
    All restores return error code 6.
    2 different usb cables tried, tested on OSX 10.6.7, windows 7 + sp1 and xp sp3 (xp is virtual).

    I do not know what version firmware was previously on it.
    I have tried to restore official 2.0.1, 2.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.1, 4.2
    I have tried custom firmware on 3.1.3, 2.1, 4.1

    I have attempted jailbreak with redsn0w, pwnagetool, ziphone
    redsn0w seems to work then instead of booting to springboard the iphone just reverts back into dfu.

    I have checked the logs of these restores and noticed this:
    Error setting variable - 'boot-args': (iokit/common) general error
    error setting 'boot-args' to '': 1

    to which a little googling led me to a possibility with logic board.
    I have tried using iRecovery but to be honest unsure where to go with it i also tried TinyUmberella which attempted to fix recovery and the phone didnt reboot. just stayed in dfu.

    Although this is in DFU i have kept making a point of making sure i manually place it into DFU when attempting restores just to make sure its not in recovery mode (though i doubt it ever has been as it has never shown the 'connect to itunes' message- just always a blank screen unless recovering.

    Recovery for all firmware seems to get 99% of the way before showing error 6.

    Does anyone know a way of fixing this issue or do I give up and sell for spares/repair?


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  • topmounter
    May 6, 11:37 AM
    It will be fine until it isn't and then you won't have any options other than to replace it.

    Apr 19, 12:46 AM
    I think you should as iSimx said, consider adjustments to boost the colours - this can be done in iPhoto and Preview.

    Also consider straightening pictures (can be done in iPhoto easily) - several of your shots suffer from this problem.

    If you don't like changes made you can always revert to the original as iPhoto keeps a copy.

    Apr 8, 08:10 AM

    Say no to pixels!


    Apr 10, 01:07 PM
    bought probably 7 cases plus the free bumpers.
    I simply purchased a squaretrade warranty and now running naked, loving it.

    If you call apple they will still give you one, as of 2 weeks ago

    Jun 5, 07:45 AM
    lol, why no spymac :D

    Apr 12, 08:45 PM
    ^^^ I used to have that phone when I was kid. :)

    Sweet machines, man. And I'm glad to see System 6 installed on a least one of them - I'm a big believer of running 6 if the machine supports it.