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  • Guitar
    12-07 01:18 AM
    Hi Members,
    I am pretty new to the forum. I thought you must be helpful answering my questions because attorneys in my company provided are not helpful.
    My attorneys filed Labor with the missing job information like in the allien job experience section. i saw the the current job start date is wrong then the job 2 is put with the wrong dates. Job 3 is not there. I got a audit as ******** is my attorney as special audit. when I contacted they said its electronically filed then can't change. They will take care in later stage.Then THE LABOR IS CERTIFIED. Now I see nothing has been taken care. they are filing I-140.

    Now my question is if i get RFE in I-140 in future and I send the experience letters obviously which will be different date( as labor is approved with aliens wrong info in experince).

    PLEASE members let me know the complication.. am getting really worried..Let me know what to do.

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  • khare81
    01-08 03:13 PM
    My current visa status is H4. As i cannot work on this visa, I am interested in doing an Unpaid Internship. Please clarify whether I can do so on an H4 visa.
    I'm trying to secure the internship in a nonprofit organisation. Will there be an exception for them, in case it's not allowed otherwise?

    Thanks a tonne!!!

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-05 12:40 PM
    Hello Folks

    I am in NJ and my current H1b expires on Nov 2008. My DL expires on Set 2008 . I was under impression that I need atleast 6 months or more valid visa to get licence.

    Company didnot agree to file premium process for H1b. They are saying I have plenty of time and they will apply in Aug . I and we know that now a days it takes more than 3-4 months to get visa.

    Is there a way I can get temporary lic in Nj. lawer was saying I can request 3 month temp lic beased on Notice received from CIS. Is that true ? does any one gone through same in NJ ?


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  • sobers
    07-27 10:30 AM

    Looks like the pundits are saying that the House, and possily Senate, will fall into Democrat hands beginning January.

    Here is what Robert Novak says:

    The conventional wisdom about the 2006 elections among both Republicans and Democrats now is that the Democrats will take control of the House and could also win the Senate. One House Republican committee chairman, who publicly exudes optimism, privately predicts -- and has predicted for six months -- a loss of 30 House seats.


    If that's a wisdom, no wonder Democrats are in no mood to compromise on CIR. That also explains the chilly reception to Hutshison-Pence. When the democrats have the house they'll craft a new immigraton package and compromise with the perhaps even more democrat-leaning senate. So 2007 is going to be the year of CIR. If the republicans are smart, they're going to try to get best immigration deal possible in the lameduck session before the 110th Congress starts in January. But the democrats may block it altogether. In that case the retrictionists are going to be sorry they didn't take the best deal when it was available (which look like now).


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  • vivache
    09-28 11:24 AM
    I'm a mechanical engineering and also have an MBA degree.
    I work as a support engineer.
    My lawyers tell me that I cannot apply in EB2, since my Post grad degree is unrelated to my grad degree and so does not apply to my job.

    Is this true?
    Can I not file in EB2?

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  • bhartigorkar
    08-19 05:53 PM
    Thanks for your help.I will try your solution. :)


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following: ( was some good news Wednesday for asylum seekers. ICE assistant secretary John Morton announced that the government would no longer detain them if they can prove their identities, are not dangerous or a flight risk, and have a credible fear of persecution or torture in their home countries.

    But it might be a tad early to celebrate.

    The details of the plan are not yet clear. As Professor Regina Germaine of the Georgetown University Law Center observed in an email message to an Immigration Professors' Listserve, "the criteria for release has always been (since 1996) the 3 factors mentioned by John Morton - 1) ID, 2) not a danger or flight risk, and 3) credible fear. And the lack of one or more of these factors is cited when ICE refuses to release someone."

    So, has Morton announced a new policy or has he simply restated the existing policy in a way which suggests release, but, in fact, will lead to continued detention of asylum seekers?

    Another unanswered issue is whether the policy will be followed by ICE officers throughout the country. Professor Margaret Taylor of Wake Forest University suggests it's an open question. "Hopefully there will be 'buy in' and compliance in the field offices with this policy, but history suggests otherwise."

    For now let's take the Administration at its word. But time will tell whether the draconian policy of incarcerating people who seek refuge in America has finally come to an end.

    More... (

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  • maxy
    02-25 11:34 AM
    got few answers ... searching from other sites.

    I-130 does play a role, when applying for visitors visa. but that doesnt disquialify anyone from getting visa. you have to show string ties to your country and provide enough evidence that you will come back. there are cases where they hv granted 10yrs multple visas !!


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  • GKBest
    09-28 05:02 PM
    I filed on July 2nd and was received at NSC on July 3rd by R. Williams at 9:03 a.m.

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  • fatboysam
    09-04 08:05 PM
    Finally i went for option 2 i.e. Costco, they gave 2 2x2 photo's for $4.99 plus $2.99 for softcopy.

    I could have saved $2.99 by scanning the photo's with scanner.

    Anyways, its done now ..


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  • pthoko
    07-16 10:50 AM
    H1B stamping...

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  • genroxbro
    07-28 03:59 PM
    Im having some issues with the marquee control, as soon as I put it in a project I want to use it in, I get the following runtime error: InvalidOperationException - _brushTransform name cannot be found in the name scope of System.Windows.Shapes.Rectangle.Any ideas?


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  • waitingnwaiting
    02-10 01:21 PM
    naukri dot com

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  • gparr
    March 2nd, 2005, 07:38 AM
    Nice composition. Lighting seems a little flat/dead and it needs a little more sky detail. Did a minor bit of processing to see if I could make it better. See what you think.


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  • mrdelhiite
    07-23 02:38 PM
    I have an approved I-140 from my previous employer. Is there anyway, I can expedite my labor certification, I-140 approval and I-485 through my new employer on the basis of the previous approvals? I have a PD of jan'04. I know I retain my PD due to the I-140 but I wanted to know if there is anyway to not wait for the time it takes to get approval on LC and I-140.
    no labor is position dependent not person dependent. You cannot make it go faster based on earlier 140.

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  • kirupa
    05-06 06:22 PM
    It looks nice :) I've added your stamp up!


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  • sw33t
    07-16 05:19 AM
    Hey guys

    I just wanted to let you know that all the San Jose members are thrilled that other people have been inspired to hold their own rally.

    We are working on a document that details what gives advice on what we did and how we did it. As well as things we learned that we should have done!

    Hopefully we'll be able to post it in a few days time, but please bear with us, we need sleep, to catch up at work and make sure we cover all the details.

    Hope the above links give an idea and inspire others.

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  • snathan
    02-09 02:48 PM
    well if there's a way for you to get your approved labor certification doc, or even the copy of the filed labor application; then definitely get it.

    The labor app has the exact job description too. So if you do use portability (ac-21) it'll help to match it with the job specs of the new position.

    good luck.

    Read it properly before you jump. When there is no I-485 filed, where is the AC21 coming into the picture.

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  • eron19
    09-14 09:48 AM
    thanx alot. so i guess theres no way to position it with precision? ok....thanx 2 both of u.

    11-07 11:24 AM
    I am from Knoxville

    02-09 09:05 AM
    Any suggestions please?