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  • rajeshiv
    07-24 11:43 AM
    Can please someone help me? Thanks

    Are you on which company payroll?


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  • sam_hoosier
    12-12 01:53 PM
    According to USCIS field manual for Adjudicators (IOs who approve 485), they should use DOL SOC*Net Codes, to determine same or similar, while approving. This code is mentioned in your LC.

    Here is a good web resource to check the job code for your new job if using AC21.

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  • mwin
    02-26 01:11 PM
    I have a simply question, not urgent, not immediate

    I moved to a different place (same city), but my wife is out of country. I am trying to file AR-11 for change of address, but it is asking for Last Port of entry. Is AR11 needed only for people who are currently in the country.

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  • laksmi
    01-29 12:10 PM
    I think one can leave US but one should come back with in 6 months if not there could be an issue with GC.


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  • hiralal
    01-09 11:17 PM
    tell them to wait :D --especially if there are kids involved is bad after a divorce but it will be a hell if GC is revoked (and I agree it will ..USCIS is pretty efficient in this matter atleast -- she may get deportation letter soon as it happened to one person that I know) .. This places Family judge in quandry as parents may end up in different country etc etc

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  • mr_aryan
    10-21 11:17 AM
    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this thread.
    Does 1 require a UK Visa if they are travelling on British Airways? As i have my parents travelling from India to USA on British Airways(they have Multiple B1/B2 US Visa)..
    Spoke to BA &they advised me to speak to UK Consulate.:(
    Any info be helpful.


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  • needhelp!
    08-24 01:10 PM
    It just started working for me now!! Thanks.. Trying to click it everytime I get here :)

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  • pmamp
    04-05 08:26 PM
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    You dont have to apply for a COS as long as she is leaving US before her current I-94 expires. However, note that when she goes for her H4 interview, she might be asked to prove her H1 status by showing her employment details (recent pay checks, tax documents..) in addition to your employment documents before they give her the H4 Visa...This happened with one of my friends at Chennai embassy...Just wanted to give you a heads up on that....


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  • Berkeleybee
    03-28 12:57 PM

    NetIP Bay Area has FINALLY put our link on their webpage

    See They haven't capitalized the v in Voice etc, but it is a step in the right direction.

    We are also participating in a seminar organized by them. The speakers will be an immigration attorney and IV representatives.

    Saturday, April 15 , 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    TiE Silicon Valley, 2903 Bunker Hill Lane,
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Of course, we are not sure what the immigration landscape will be like at that date. We are still working on an agenda etc. will keep you posted.


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  • hsingh82
    02-04 01:37 PM
    They do (3 years old info). Make sure you ahve all the documents that are mentioned in their checklist. They will give you the visa with the expiry date based on your I-94.


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  • ps57002
    07-24 06:27 PM
    so far i've been the ones to pay everything...i know govt got stricter this year and now it HAS to be employer who i'm in bad place as I know how my employer is...

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    05-24 03:23 PM
    Thanks ragz4u


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  • permfiling
    05-18 11:03 AM
    My LC and I-140 was approved with my ex-employer in CA.Now I have a oppurtunity to join my ex-employer in the east coast. Will I be able to file AOS if I join in a similar role and when my PD becomes current ? The immigration lawyer of my ex-employer told me that I have to join in the same location as my LC was approved to take advantage of AOS as it is location specific. Is it true?

    Member of north calif
    dontation : $500

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  • Meghna
    07-17 03:00 PM
    We will ask what iV can do...I guess everybody is frustrated enough.
    We will support 1V
    Does 1V has any plans...?


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  • a1b2c3
    03-14 08:01 PM
    My father passed away recently and my mother wishes to travel with my wife and I on a visitor visa.

    How can she apply for 10 year multiple entry visa? Can she return after the visa expires, after a month? Any experiences anyone can share? Are there any reasons why some visas get denied?

    My wife and I are permanent residents and we want to know whether this is of any advantage/disadvantage.

    Any pointers/info/help are much appreciated. I looked through the relevant IV threads and yes, they are informative but rules change all the time and I decided to just go ahead and post this thread to get the latest feedback.

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  • CADude
    02-20 01:34 PM
    Follow "Direct Filing" instruction by USCIS effective July 30th 2007. Did googling for "Direct filing I-765", you will get the answer. Thanks


    I have a question about Mailing my renewal petitions. I have talked to Texas SC few times. I got different answers each time. It appears that they all need job training.

    Here is my scenario:

    Originally my 485 was filed with NSC and then it was transferred to TSC. So my 485 is pending in TSC right now. Where should I mail my renewal applications?. I live in Colorado. There are 2 different views on this. Some people say that I have to send my applications to whereever my 485 is pending. Some people say that I have to mail it to NSC.

    Any thoughts?/



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  • user1205
    08-28 11:28 PM
    My lawyer received all the receipts for our AOS, EAS and AP applications and today I got COPIES in mail from her.

    Wasn't she supposed to send me the originals and keep the copies? After all, it's my application.

    I want to call her but I'm not sure what the general practice is. Did you guys get copies or the original receipts from your lawyers?


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  • pappusheth
    04-11 12:27 AM
    Ask your company if they can do your H1 extension under CORP thus the legal entity does not change and there should be no issue.

    It seems like for your initial H1, it was a mistake on their part that they filed you H1 under CORP while you were actually paid by the BANK. Can you ask them why they did that in the first place?

    If it's a mistake on their part, there's no reason why you should suffer and they must take every effort to help you out. Work with them, talk to your manager, his/her manager and explain them the issue. It's an internal thing and I'm sure can be worked out.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm not a lawyer. My posts are simply my views and not a legal advice.

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  • kumar1
    02-10 03:42 PM

    07-25 05:36 PM
    H4 to H1 transfer - how will that happen?

    12-24 06:18 PM
    Thanks perm2gc for clearing that up for me. So they DO kinda tell you if you've been Naughty or Nice, hmm? :D