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  • rnanchal
    02-04 01:54 PM
    I did not pass judgement about what is right or wrong, just stated a fact. Dont get riled up. My intention was not to point fingers

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-10 12:14 PM
    yep..very few care about EB, its all EB2 these days, one of the reasons i am very close to giving up, difficult to convince people these days. I am guessing that most EB3 I's have simply given up or have been bulldozed aside. We know for a fact that there are thousands in a similar situation, but they dont seem/want or care to voice their opinions.

    I see that the above discussion keeps on going on about EB-2 only. Doesn't anyone at IV care about EB-3 I also . I am sure there are a few EB-3 I people at IV who are suffering from retrogression , myself included.

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  • phoenix
    03-17 05:27 PM
    Yes, that would suffice as a name change in the passport. My situation was as follows.

    Surname: Y**** Z****
    Given name: X****

    I requested for an observation from SFO consulate and got it corrected to the following format.

    Surname: Z****
    Given name: X**** Y****

    I got this done through mail and these were the documents required
    1. Passport
    2. $10 Cashiers cheque
    3. Miscellaneous service form
    4. self addressed and prepaid usps envelope
    5. Cover letter

    I guess as long as you dont change the spelling of your name, you do not require an advertisement or affidavit for getting it corrected.

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  • chanukya
    02-02 07:45 PM


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  • deecha
    07-20 11:48 AM
    anways..dont worry..i've read some place on murthy/khanna's site..once u reenter the country all your previous "out of status" become mute.

    so u should be fine..

    Hey EndlessWait, thanks for your input and assurance. Thats what my lawyer said but he also mentioned it depends on the adjudicating officer and to keep my fingers crossed.

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  • mjdup
    12-18 08:14 PM
    I am trying to make my second $100 contribution using my American Express card but am getting this message below:

    "We were unable to verify this credit card through our card validation process. To proceed with checkout, please verify the information you entered is correct or try a different card."

    I have tried 3 times and there's no problem with the info I am keying in. Is there a problem using American Express cards?

    am2006 you are a star ! I have used the AMEX card in the past and never had any problem, are you sure about the verification number (3 digit on the back) and the zip code, they usually match those to validate..just my 0.02, I'm sure you already know all of this...

    anyway I could help to be the 20th contributor..please try with a different card if possible...


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  • vparam
    09-08 10:44 AM
    r u serious
    As said... I am seriously hoping what i stated should not be true or it is very disappointing.

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  • Honda
    08-19 08:44 PM
    Actually we were called for interview at the local uscis, : My RD was Aug-17-2007 and the ND is Oct-15-2007. The DAO - District Adjudication Offcier gave me a heart attack saying that we are not eligible for GC as the cut-off date was 17-Aug and we were out of the window. Then I politely explained her, and then she looked at the RD and said that we would be fine. Also I called USCIS last week, and told that I filed on Aug, one rep said that they go by ND, I called again and the other rep said that "by ND". Not sure, may be uscis itself is not sure.
    Anyhow, is it advisable to take an infopass now (i.e) before september . Wouldn't it be better to visit uscis office in september, so that we could strongly say that "We are current, and could something be done about our case".
    I'm afraid that, if we go to uscis now saying that "We will be current in Sep", the uscis people might ask us come back again in Sep. And remember, we cannot have two consecutive infopass within 45 day. So what do you suggest?

    Take the info pass is the best way for your solution. Best of Luck dude.


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  • thomachan72
    12-05 11:32 AM
    Hello Ronhira,

    If some orphan or homeless break your front door and enter into your house, would you allow him to stay with your family on Humanity basis ?

    Why first of all INTENTIONALLY she entered other's territory ?


    Long time back when the british ruled India a lot of our ancestors joined their ranks and spit on fellow Indians. They were not realizing that actually the british were using them to rule effectively. That same trait has remained ever since. This is one of the greatest sin of the Indian and also many other third world cultures. They act on opportunistic thought patterns trying to gain favor whenever the opportunity arises even if it meant spitting on their own relatives. Sympathy, compasssion, honesty and integrity is often forgotten and/or purposefully suppressed for apeasement of the rulers. The feeling that you are being ruled and not in control of your own life is what really promotes such self righteous thoughts.
    If you analyze this situation you will realize that there is a debate going among american citizens regarding legalizing the 11 million folks here and those favoring are in majority now. Realize then that this is a transition phase and those who dont like this to happen are trying to do as much harm as possible. causing a girl to deliver while being tied down and asking you and me to take a driving test each time you go to extend your visa are all part of this very same process. Remember that there are many many times more americans who would support, love and care for that girl than those who care/resepct/love you.

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  • GCVivek
    04-14 12:50 PM
    It is unfair to say that many EB3 and EB2 folks are stuck in GC queue for more than 10 years, FOR NO FAULT OF THEIRS. Yes, they are stuck but there is fault, in most cases, they knew they were risking it by changing employers for petty raises or other reason. If they followed the original H1B rule and stayed with sponsoring employer, GC for EB3 took a max of 7 years even with the old system of RIR (not PERM) or even without RIR - and that is MAX....very rare.

    The aim of this appeal is not to compare or compete with EB1, PhDs, US MS degree holders or discuss other exotic bills!

    There are several hundred EB2 / EB3 folks who have continued to live here for several years (many have crossed 10 years). They are stuck in the infinitely long GC line, for no fault of theirs. It is natural that people who have stayed for long have grown up children (who are not US born) and who need to go to a good college for a good future.

    It is almost impossible to pay international fees and it is neither fair no appropriate to break the back of genuine law abiding residents, despite the fact that they have lived for
    8 / 10 years and have sincerely paid the taxes due to the government, just because they do not have a GC.

    For the "sin" of being Indian/ Chinese born and for the "sin" of not being able to get the GC because the rules favour long term indentured labour, an entire upcoming yonger generation should not be allowed to suffer. This is unfair and discriminatory. If any one of us had been from a country other than India and China, we would have obtained out GCs in 3 / 4 years.

    The idea is to have the cases of all genuine, hard working, EB2 / EB3 employees who have honestly lived here and are continuing to process the path ot GC legally, be considered from the human angle, more so from the point of view of the education of the children.

    When it comes to illegals, people scream about human values, humanitarian considerations, education of their children, family ties etc etc. What about us, who have followed the rules "to the T" ????

    Is following the rules, going through the approval complex web of approval processes, paying taxes and trying to lead sedate and simple lives a sin?

    Are we not human beings? May be we are labelled "aliens" but we are certainly not from Mars!

    So friends, let us be clear in where we stand and what we are pleading for.

    Unless we have the conviction and clarity we cannot make any progess!

    Long live the unity of EB 2 / EB3 employees!

    May the SUPREME POWER bless IV and the genuine forum members!


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-10 10:12 AM
    can't they join two tables or data to find out that information ? Why they want to hide from us ?

    Thats what my question is. I think they just replied to cough up $5K from us.

    This is just delaying techniques by USCIS. I think they are assuming that no one is going to pay this much amount and they can hide the BS they are doing!


    They have exactly the same data in the same format we need. Now this is becoming like cheating by government.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-04 08:50 PM
    On a positive note, the best that we can do is, learn from our surroundings. We can learn a lot from Republicans to understand what not to do.



    I think first you need to learn etiquette! I'm here to make sure you realize your potential!:D



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  • ngodisha
    12-20 03:48 PM
    Made another $100 contribution through Paypal.
    Transaction ID: 7RL94888U3632145P

    Those of you who have not contributed yet, please do so ASAP. Please contribute to this worthy cause.


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  • fromnaija
    08-12 02:41 PM
    Thus, as curent processing times are at August 23, 2007, dwhuser case file is yet to be opened. Since file is not yet opened, no one yet knows his/her PD (it is nowhere other than on paper files).

    The above part of your submission is not true. If you read the I-485 Adjudicator's Manual, you will find that the file is already opened and input into the system at this stage. Otherwise dwhuser would not have received I-797 Notice of Action.

    In theory action on a case should be sequenced by priority date and then received date within the priority date batch. However, nobody knows for sure how USCIS works each case.


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  • pappu
    06-07 01:44 PM
    Advocacy day is going well. There are about 300 meetings being planed between today and tomorrow. Its very hectic in the situation room.

    This afternoon USCIS Ombudsman came to meet us in the situation room and spoke with the members. More details and pictures will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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  • santb1975
    11-16 04:32 PM
    Let's keep this Initiative going


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  • cheg
    07-17 06:59 PM
    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IV deserves only the best!!! I will start contributing because this organization helps a lot of people and we still have a long journey ahead of us. :)

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  • sunilprasad
    11-22 12:25 PM

    Please tell me as you successfully did your name correct in passport, but what's about your VISA name? please clarify me, just passport name change is enough or we have to do anything else for VISA name too? Or VISA name will not applicable afterwards?

    Please reply me, as i have the same problem with me too.

    -Sunil Prasad

    This is not a legal advice to anybody, just explaining who I did!! Risk is yours!!.

    On my passport "Surname" was empty. Complete name was under "Given Name". Assuming on passport:
    Given Name: �Harjinder Singh"
    Surname: ......empty....

    Just went to Embassy of India - Washington DC. Filled a "Miscellaneous form" and under purpose pick OTHERS and write �Name Split". Then write on form what you want.
    I requested " Split my name as Given Name = Harjinder; Surname = Singh".
    Attach a photo on form, pay 20$ fee and collect a corrected passport next day.

    As long as you are not changing the name this should be fine otherwise what will be in advertisement " My name is Harjinder Singh and I want to declare my new name is Harjinder Singh???" unless changing a name it seem simple 2 day task via Miscellaneous form.

    Rest EAD / 485 I don't know because I am not at that stage yet.


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  • prabasiodia
    03-09 05:01 PM
    I'd originally pledged for $25, but contributed $50. Go IV!!

    Subscription#: S-6KH7395445645492S
    Subscription Date: Mar. 9, 2009
    Time: 13:41:25 PDT
    Status: Completed

    11-20 11:22 AM
    Swamy & Wantgc23

    05-02 08:31 AM
    thanks for the response.

    The only reason i got worried was that a friend applied on the 23rd and got hers yesterday. We both applied in the same center too.

    I just hope that paperwork is there and hasent been lost or something.