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  • paskal
    12-18 04:56 PM
    Dear friends,

    The next session of congress is almost upon us. Nothing will be achieved without funds, please open your hearts and wallets and contribute now. Remember, we are in the fight of our lives, a half hearted effort will condemn us to more of the same.
    Please contribute and post here to encourage others as well.
    I have sent my third contribution of $100 a few minutes ago. Please join me.
    With enough money and enough effort, not to mention excellent leadership, we will surely succeed.
    Thank you all for heeding this appeal :-)
    The collection so far shows 33.33% of the $60K target as of December 11th.
    Friends I pledge a $500 donation as soon as the figures reaches 500 less than halfway ... i.e $29,500 and another again once the figure reaches 500 less of $60,000 i.e $59,500. Pappu or any of the core member please let me know once we touch this figures BY 31ST DECEMBER. Till then keep the marathon going.


    Core members if need be , put my pledge on the main page... would like see if this forum has ba**s to make me shell out the $1000 bucks.....


    Another member from CA has joined this challange. The member has contacted me and I have spoken to the member. The member wants to stay as an annonymous donor. So far he has contributed $1500 over the past few months. This member has pledged to pitch in with some more money when the total contributions from other members reach the 30,000 & 60,000 dollar mark. Specifically, he will contribute $250 more when we get close to $30,000, and another $250 for the $60,000.

    Default all my bonus is for IV
    Dear Pappu
    I have decided to put in all my bonus for IV
    i dont make much as all the big folks but i intend to contribute much more then them

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 10:18 AM
    Thanks for sharing this story with us...we truly appreciate it.

    I joined a small company right after graduating from a university in the US with a masters degree. At the time of joining, I was told orally that my GC will be processed in a timely manner. Being naive and timid, I did not press the issue and months became years before the employer agreed to file my labor after work for the company for 5 years (1 year of OPT right after school + 4 years of MS). Although I work in high-tech and would have qualified for RIR, the company lawyer convinced me to apply using the traditional route promising the entire process would take two years. Once again, being naive I agreed. Now, I am on my 8th year with the same company with my labor stuck in BEC, and no relief in sight. I can look forward to years more in the same position and same company! Sadly, though I am highly respected senior member of the company (in terms of knowledge and time with the company), people who joined after me and were trained by me, have gone on to Managerial positions, while I can only sit and watch.

    I do not blame anyone or anything for my predicament, except my naivety. At least, I am glad for sources of information such as immigrationvoice, immigrationportal and immigration-law that have helped me immensely with my education on all matters immigration. Now, I feel I know more than my lawyer and cannot be convinced to take foolish decisions. So, it gladdens my heart to see that we in immigrationvoice seem to be having some impact on the lawmakers as it feels like I finally have control over changing my status quo.

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  • drirshad
    08-22 04:37 AM
    Why does his profile have same date for everthying .............

    I did notify them. First I called USCIS and told them about this, they opened an SR and after sometiem I received some bullshit response for the SR.

    Then I took an Infopass appointment to return the EAD (Someone else's). Then this IO was at the counter, she was stunned to see omeone else's EAD and the response for the SR I had opened. I asked her, if they had sent a new EAD to the other person, she said no and thanked me for taking the pains to take an appointment to return it back. That day also, I aksed her about our Namecheck status.

    I was happy to see her at the counter today, as she was very nice and help the last time and was hopeful that she might help me with the namecheck status with an Infopass appointment.

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  • kumarc123
    07-10 01:43 PM
    I tend to agree.... nowhere in the past discussions IV seem to have cared about EB3s. It is more frustrating to see this situation sincce Eb3's have been suffering for longer with no hopes what so ever.
    And anyone trying to implicate that EB3s are less skilled are plain wrong - we got in EB3 limbo due to large corporations doing things by book (or for plain long term commitment out of workers).

    Either way, IV leadership needs to re-iterate and re-emphasize at least once that this is not EB2 fight only but EB fight in general. IV discussions simply have gone EB2 biased only for too long.

    To answer your query,
    Let me start by repeating myself, it is not about EB2 or EB3. We all are EB communities. We didn't design the system, neither we believe ourselves to be superior to EB3. The point is all of us need to work together and help ourselves to change the system. IF EB2 gets some advantage then ultimately it will help EB3 as well.

    It is a simple logic, when the cake gets cut it rolls down to all the people in line. If there is no cake, whats the point of arguing who is ahead in line?

    Please everyone, stop complaining about who is ahead, work together. Instead of complaining do some more constructive, involve more people. lets gather necessary means to file this lawsuit.



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  • axp817
    12-03 10:26 AM
    I haven't been called for an interview yet, and I hope things remain that way. But I have to thank you for taking the time to share every little detail of your AOS interview. Besides the initiatives that IV undertakes, to me, the next best thing about this forum is enthusiastic members like yourself sharing their stories on AOS interviews, H-1B stamping interviews, RFE/denials/MTR, Infopass, Travelling with AP/Port of Entry and anything else that can be a little nerve racking when you don't know what to expect.

    I hope we all do the same for the benefit of this community.

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  • tdasara
    02-04 06:43 PM
    I think Rajiv Khanna once sued INS to make sure the I485's are approved 'First In & First Out' basis.

    I am not sure if we can approach him again and how.

    This is just to get to know how USCIS is allocating the visas. How USCIS is interpreting the law?


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  • GCVivek
    04-14 12:44 PM
    Looks like this idea has come out of mere frustration. Do you know how many people want to immigrate to the USA? Do you know how many people are waiting in line? Do you think it is correct that only EB-immigrants should be given preference? Why because USA needs all of them? While I have used "you" in the previous sentences, I don't mean just you....rather "we".
    If you have time-bound path to immigration, then right now, the whole Federal Govt. and all employees will have to work only on getting the immigration files cleared. Under current circumstances, I think the current system will get you a GC faster than if they switched to "time bound" today. Do you realize, how many people will suddenly be suing the Govt. for delays? There is no country which guarantees time-bound path to PR.
    While I forcefully oppose the DREAM ACT and CIR, these did not give time bound GCs but only allowed illegals to convert to legals and in time APPLY for GC if they become eligible.

    Can we propose a bill which would give us - the honest, sincere, law abiding aliens - a time bound path to Green Card and Citizenship?

    Political parties only talk and seem to be interested in giving illegals a time bound path to citizenship? They even introduced a "Dream Act" in favour their children. Why should we / our children be sidelined?

    Can we request for a bill which would:

    1.Grant GC to all EB 2 / 3 class pimary applicants who have completed 8 years of continuous stay in the USA without any criminal record.

    2. Provide Citizeship to all EB primary applicants who have completed 12 years of continuous stay without any criminal record


    When the primary applicant is issued a GC / Citizenship, the dependents (spouse and kids) should get the same benefit.

    The current system is designed to favour ONLY the employers and the law firms, not the humble, hard working EB class slave who toils.

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  • chanduv23
    12-07 10:39 AM
    Saguar, this is not a simple issue and we cannot just this as an independent event. Yes these people are here ilegally but what do they do; work. Yes they work for meagre wages and reduce the price of commodities which would otherwise need to be imported from elsewhere. Now we have heard that due to some of the raids innocent children were torn apart from their parents who never came back from work. children came back from school to learn that they will never see their parents again. whole towns, churches and communities cried out in anguish when such events happen. The pain is tremendous. when you allow a problem to get so deep rooted into the society often the best way to handle it is to first accept it and then plan carefully. You cannot suddenly start deporting a minor fraction of these folks who have indeed contributed to the economy directly/indirectly. You can import cheap goods from other countries but people are now realizing that it is better to import labor and have work done here. This raids and intolerance has an element of hatred mixed in and it is not only about "law". Churches came forward to hide and protect the children who were affected by the raids. shouldn't the children be evicted too??

    Very well said. I have been on IV and actively participated in a lot of campaigns and events and interacted with a lot of people from different walks of life, different nationalities, different situations etc ... WHat I have noticed is, everyone has their own opinion and stay entitled to their opinion. Everyone wants to be judgemental through their opinion.

    Now, lets all for a moment - step out of our "legal immigrant" shoes and step into the shoes of someone who has to decide what to do? As a decision maker, what will you do? Everyone has their own opinion to which they are entitled and thats whats happening.

    Now, ocne again - step out of your legal immigrant shoes, and say, for some reason, you lost status and are deportable - what will be your opinion? Would you say "Shakle me and put me in detention center?"

    If you are in poverty and and have no food for 2 days, you may go grab a bread from a store and run to a safe place and eat it - will you talk all these rules about shop lifting .....

    If you catch a hungry child shoplifting to eat a bread will you PUNISH him? Ir will you try to do someting to make things better for him?

    All you have to do is to come out of "the hate and hard" thinking and try to look at things in "rational and meaningful way"

    Hate no one for what they are or how they are. Try to see if you can help. Just help.

    I have been living in US for close to 10 years now and though I am proud of fellow Indian community and their achievements, I have also noticed how the community is divided and oponionated. Forming so many sub groups, promoting caste feelings, fighting each other, trying to piut down other fellow community members, lack of unity and what not ....

    If everyone in this world want to be considerate and help - then there will certainly be a day when we can see a world without poverty, wars and all the issues we are having today.


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  • potatoeater
    08-13 11:29 AM
    That is cool. By the way, do you have to pay lagaan to US govt, I mean taxes on your kheti-baadi?


    I grow different kind in my backyard. It all depends on the size of your backyard and which zone you live in states. I live in virginia. By this August end /september first week summer crop will end. I grow tomatoes(30 plants), Mint, snake guard, water melons (15 plants), cantaloupes(10 plants), carrots, okra, spinach , chillis. Its fun and hard work too. You need to dig the soil, mix with top soil or garden soil and cultivate it. Every week fertilize it. This is my first year gardening. I have around 3000 square ft of back yard. i do not know what to do with that. I cannot maintain Lawn in back yard. So I decided to grow vegetables.
    I am eagerly waiting for my fall garden..I am planning to grow tulips,beets,cilantro,carrots,potato,peas etc., If I can get same space for garden In India and work place just 3 miles from home , I can happily go back to India.

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  • mps
    04-11 11:17 PM
    I read on Rajiv Khanna's blog that PD for LC substitution cases should be the date when I-140 is filed for substitute however, there is evidence that USCIS has wrongly assigned orginal priority date of LC filing, to substitute (I have seen this happening in one case at least, where susbstitue got priotity date of LC).


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  • paskal
    07-17 06:54 PM
    you guys rock man!

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  • grupak
    09-18 11:43 AM
    The Administrator2 is calling me and other handle MadhuVJ same person and accusing us. We are not and he keep accusing.

    Big deal! So there are two or more people using the same computer/ IP address to post from two IV logins. In all likely hood if there are more than one person, MadhuVJ and GCStatus account users know each other.

    Move on. If you really insist, there is only one way to settle this. Since its the same IP address, post your actual st address, a few IV volunteers if they are so inclined would have to visit the site and find out who all live/work there.


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  • leoindiano
    04-11 02:45 PM

    Please make sure your EAD doesnt start before October 2008. That way, you will have 2 complete chances of getting H1 if things wont change even after presidential elections.

    General Rule of thumb is "Graduate in august put start date as October 1st for your OPT"

    This is not easy coz when we graduated in 2000-2001 area we didnt had to choose some date just bcoz the visa ia not available. We used to worry more about getting a good job than this visa and we used graduate when coursework & thesis are complete. I think things have changed drastically.

    Hope this helps.

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  • fatjoe
    08-19 08:29 PM
    Looks like I'll need to make a trip, hope it's worth the harm in giving a try...:)

    Actually we were called for interview at the local uscis, : My RD was Aug-17-2007 and the ND is Oct-15-2007. The DAO - District Adjudication Offcier gave me a heart attack saying that we are not eligible for GC as the cut-off date was 17-Aug and we were out of the window. Then I politely explained her, and then she looked at the RD and said that we would be fine. Also I called USCIS last week, and told that I filed on Aug, one rep said that they go by ND, I called again and the other rep said that "by ND". Not sure, may be uscis itself is not sure.
    Anyhow, is it advisable to take an infopass now (i.e) before september . Wouldn't it be better to visit uscis office in september, so that we could strongly say that "We are current, and could something be done about our case".
    I'm afraid that, if we go to uscis now saying that "We will be current in Sep", the uscis people might ask us come back again in Sep. And remember, we cannot have two consecutive infopass within 45 day. So what do you suggest?


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  • sbindval
    07-17 09:57 PM
    Job well done!

    In a true grassroots organization like IV, can ideas and policy determinations flow from the ground up as well as from the top down in a democratic fashion. IV the people for the people

    please keep up the good work and as the IV community grows, i hope it does not become a bureaucratic institution like USCIS.

    Contributed some more $ just now. Others, please contribute as well.

    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 10:24 PM EDT
    Google Order #117879563530612

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  • saileshdude
    08-22 04:48 PM
    I thought I will share this. Not sure if its going to help anyone.

    Approached the entry counter where they give you token to inside and talk to IO. Surprisingly the person at the entry counter had IO written on her badge that she was wearing. She asked me reason to visit. I told her that I applied for my I-485 and have been current for this month , but have not heard anything. She asked if I was EB2 or Eb3. I told her EB2. She asked for receipts. I gave her 485 receipt and copy of I-140. She then compared my PD with copy of August Visa Bulletin. After she confirmed that I was current, she told me that my case is assigned to IO. I don't think she even entered my A# or receipt number. But I am not sure about this part because I dont remember the exact sequence of events. Anyway, I asked her whether my NC is clear. She then entered something in the system and told me that my NC was clear only last month and thats why my case has assigned to my IO. But this time she told me it was assigned on 8/8/08. She told me I should hear something soon. Did not and was not ready to give any time line. Also she did not mention anything about visa numbers being exhausted. If this had been the case she could have mentioned that.

    After that I asked if everything else was clear, she mentioned without even looking at the system that everything is clear and I should hear on my case soon.

    I dont know about rest of the stuff but I know that at least the NC info is consistent with the call I made to TSC few weeks ago. So I can at least believe that my NC is clear.

    Hope this helps.


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  • dohko
    04-13 04:53 PM
    I know someone who got theirs on Tuesday, and got their case approved today. This was Fy2008 Masters, Premium processing
    I also applied for Masters Quota, but didnt do premium processing and haven't received the Receipt notice

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  • vinerva
    08-26 11:09 AM
    Can't you write to Ombudsman regarding this interview experience.

    How can an IO be ignorant of the infamous july fiasco ?

    Can some one please let me know the procedure for participating in Omudsman conf calls. There is one today. I think at 2PM

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  • bijalrs
    12-19 11:19 AM
    khodalmd - New Member BijalRs Just Contributed $50
    One down 4 more to go.

    khodalmd, good show...join the Gang !! Let's see if this forum has any fire left after the Session phone jamming campaign....:D :D

    07-17 07:51 PM
    Guys, I think we should start another FLOWER campaign for Zoe and the CORE team. What do you think?

    07-17 07:29 PM
    No words are enough that could be said in words here.

    You guys were rocking

    You guys rock now
    You guys shall rock forever..

    Thanks :) :) :) :)