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  • GCStatus
    09-18 11:34 AM
    Lawsuits and fighting is against IVs core principles. IV is a support network for us who want to positively work for a cause by lobbbying, awareness, bringing people together so that our voices are collectively heard.

    If you do not want to do what IV does, you can open your own website and do what you want - you can gather people who think like you and you can proceed with your agenda

    Apparently lying also seems to be the Administrator2's core principles. Did you even read the posts up here

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  • saileshdude
    08-21 04:59 PM
    The bigger question here is .......Are there any IOs sitting at the fingerprinting place . If yes, are they authorized to give out such info or even entertain any such requests ??

    That is incorrect for my local ASC. I know that for sure. When I went to ASC for FP I do not think they were capable of answering any case related questions. All they do there is take FP notice , stamp it and do FP. They ask you to goto local office for any questions related to your case.

    Secondly how come the IO had the authority to show an internal memo to a customer. Does it make sense?

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  • bugmenot
    07-06 09:07 PM
    Order Number: FNK1821176

    Order Date: Friday 07/06/2007
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: Emilio Gonzalez
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001

    Gift Message: Thank you for showing a little hope and then taking
    it away. We hope you enjoyed it.

    u guys are negating the effect of the "gandhigiri" by sending the flowers and then sayin f$#k u for screwing it up, thats a stupid strategy and fails the essence of the "gandhigiri" cAmpaign

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  • ganguteli
    02-25 09:01 AM
    I now see why you got a red.
    So basically you are also supporting this " If I am in INdia now and waiting for H1 visa, then start a campaign that everyone gets a H1 and then you worry about filing 485. You all have H1s and look at me".
    Please see the good thats being discussed here and participate in it.

    In the bad economy if everyone can get EAD it will help more. All we need is an admin fix to allow filing of I485 and get EAD benefits


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  • sdrblr
    11-11 11:40 AM
    I am too sure you can get away with it. You are at fault for the below reason.

    1) Employing a person without checking their immigration status is an offense.
    2) It can come back and haunt you as you helped her in tax evasion. Employer by law MUST report to IRS for any compensation paid.
    3) Since the lady is going down, she might take you along with her...What will you do if the lady tells the cops that "she told you that she cannot work here legally and you told her that it is OK and I will pay you in cash"... It becomes a story of she said and he said. They have enough proof of you not legally employing her.

    Ignorace of a law is NOT an excuse.

    I might be totally wrong on this.. Check with a attorney.

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  • swede
    09-08 09:42 AM
    Sherman is just some teenager, trying to throw some crazy ideas he has, at IV, and see if they stick.

    Sherman, I'm glad you are trying to find answers by talking to IV. Though, you have a lot to read up on about immigration.
    US has always had strong immigration. That is why US is where it is today. It would be impossible for any country to grow that fast without immigration.

    Immigration today versus 100 years ago are very different.
    100 years ago, the only requirement to get into the US was that you were not too sick to work and then you got your green card within 3 to 5 hours(!).
    Today, you need to have education, a job before you even get here, your job has be verified that no American can do it instead, you can not be sick, you have to prove you or someone else has financial means for you to live here, you have to be fingerprinted, can not committed any crimes in the world and more and more. And on top of that you have to wait 5 to 10+ years to get a GC.

    I recommend a trip to Elli's Island i New York. It was fun to hear Americans awwing when they heard the poor immigrants back then sometimes had to stay at Ellis Island for weeks, when they were sick. Comparing a few weeks to the years(!) it takes today, I think many would easily pick a few weeks wait over 10 years wait.
    Not everything has improved.


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  • velan
    07-17 09:32 PM
    Thanks to IV core and every member. I already contributed many times, my next contribution will come soon.

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-27 05:35 PM
    This interview EXPOSED how un-informed and careless and whimsical are IOs in handling cases. MEMO should have been framed on their desks/mind....we don't have to remind these guys. In one moment they can deny as important a petition as AOS and just in a flash second they can approve it. They won't make any effort to dig out relevant info. It is like fliping a coin...plain luck when it comes to GC.

    God BLESS all those current...Amen!!!

    Someone gave a RED and left these comments...

    "yeah right..and they should come flip pancakes for u...anything else u want them to do inaddition to ur stupid and unreasonable demands?"

    Grow up ...and I doubt if you can call yourself 'highly skilled' if you can't reason out. God bless you

    LOL...I just gave u green..
    see there is a mafia of psychos on this site..:D:D

    some one gave me a red with the following text,




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  • diptam
    09-08 12:11 AM
    Since they dont understand even this simple truth - that's why they need you. Why we so called Macaca's are here in 1st place because they cant deliver what Macaca's can... Simple...

    Anyway - Lets not waste much energy here. They are doing this deliberately.

    Could do our jobs why would the employers be willing to sponsor our GREEN CARDS and spend '000s of dollars to keep us :confused:


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  • burnt
    12-08 04:06 PM
    If it were for some of the antiimmigrant folks, my friend you (sugaur) wouldn't be here a day longer. you would be "out" in a wink from this country. so dont consider yourself too supportive of anti-immigration. Even citizens are favoring resolving the ilegal immigration crisis by granting some legality to those who are here ilegally. Dont support ilegal immigration but atleast dont bash those who show support to resolving this crisis. you and me are mere temporary visitors here. please remember that your country is not this. you are here seeking prosperity and so are they. this country has a way of dealing with them and us and neither has been satisfactory so far. So my friend why side with one and sound righteous? Sympathy is universal and is shown even to the person going to be hanged. If ilegal immigration was such a big crime then why are the united states citizens debating about granting green cards to 11 million of these people here????? these people are neighbours and have been dependent on each other since ever.let us not meddle in their affairs. they assimilate better into the american culture than us.

    Well said


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-27 07:40 PM
    would anyone care about green or red i guess its better to be all red yahoo


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  • nozerd
    02-03 08:54 AM
    Its like your boss asking you to tell him how many hrs you do actual work v/s how many hrs do you do non work related things. Would you volunterily disclose your wasted time at work every day ?
    You will disclose total hrs you worked but not time you didnt work :)

    USCIS does not give how many Visas they have used and how many are left

    like how many unused have gone to EB3 or Eb2 etc
    if its Vertical or horizontal visa distribution

    they have been some Law Suits on them to give the data


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  • reddymjm
    12-03 11:32 PM

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  • chanduy9
    07-06 01:14 PM
    I will give you a couple of reasons, why I am not supporting this idea, at the same time I won't discourage you from doing it:

    Last year when CIR was being discussed in Senate, anti-immigrants sent thousands of bricks to Senator's offices. Bricks build walls, their message was clear, focus on border security first. This was a -ve campaign. It was popular in the right wing media but since CIR passed in Senate. I am presuming this campaign didn't work. The reason it failed was because the idea was to grab headlines but no thought on what after that. No strategy. Lets correlate this with flowers. An officer at USCIS will get these or maybe a dozen people. They will feel good. End of story. They don't have the ability to change the USCIS policy or the July bulletin, which is IV's aim. So basically sending flower is a gushy gesture and may sound fancy but USCIS doesn't work on emotion. If it did, why would they loose thousands of visas each year even though there is rampant backlog and retrogression?

    Some members say well, flowers will attract media attention and hence help our cause. Well, unless Paris Hilton is sending those flowers you won't get much media's attention. Indirect, subtle and passive communication doesn't work in America. That is a cultural issue that these members need to come to grips with fast.

    Our goal is to make USCIS accept July applications for AOS for GC. Since USCIS won't do that whats the best way to do it, well to exert external pressure. How is that done. Contact Media, Senators, Congress members and the Judicial system.

    Too much babbling on my part, now, I am going to write a journalist requesting more media coverage on our issue.

    Best of luck

    We are not sending pen, paper and cal to caluclate the accurate VB. And one more thing we are not fighting for it, just we are telling how badly we effected with the "flip flop" game of USCIS.

    Pls see the first page for plan of action..we are gonna send the e-mails to reporters...i guess this is gonna big hit.

    When you are writing to journalist mention about the JULY 10TH FLOWER DAY!! I am sure she/he will ask couple of questions abt it.

    just my 2 cents..



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  • pvhemanth
    07-06 12:26 PM

    May You Be Blessed With More Intelligence To Forecast Accurate Visa Numbers In The Future

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-11 08:21 PM
    I am working on another article and will have to get back to you'll about the letter tomorrow. I'm sorry about the delay but digital2k told me about it late this evening.

    Please keep the suggestions/ideas rolling in!!



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  • alisa
    02-04 01:29 PM
    Ofcourse, with all due respect, I beg to differ, in that I think that diversity should prevail over skill.
    From my point of view, that would be common sense. :)

    that's right the actual law had two words that could change the actual meaning of how they are supposed to do it (ie., vertical versus horizontal). Some people (i was one of them) thought that at such a stalemate in the words that coomon sense should prevail. Common sense would dictate that skill would prevail over diversity.

    However; the rules were always such that there was never any horizontal spillover but rather vertical. The main thing that changed was that the unused visas from row could be used by retrogressed countries quarterly rather then annually.

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  • supernova
    04-12 11:48 AM
    I've seen dozens of people exploiting sub-labor and got their gc's. There are thousand's of them jumped the queue for last time in July '07. I do agree with the person who started this thread.

    There isn't anything we can do about it now. Let's concentrate on what we can do.

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  • Mahatma
    07-10 08:37 AM
    This is a guess and I have not studied the law book or statutes on immigration law. Per country limit could be an administrative procedure and not as such a mandate by congress. The intent, nuance or spirit of the congress may not match this per country logic being implemented currently. There is just so much mismatch between equality, justness, fairness and nondiscrimination versus imposing per country quota and retrogression. It never made any sense to me. However, every quarter unused visa gets distributed irrespective of country limit. This nullifies the negative effect of per country limit considerably.

    Everybody (that includes H1bs) in this country (according to Murthyji and other experts) is entitled to peaceful assembly, seeking justice and participating in improving current system!!

    It is the beauty of the system here that sooner or later, people appreciate others point of view and there are enough checks and balances. Judiciary is one such important institution.

    04-14 01:26 PM
    Instead of allowing US STEM graduates to get GC based on US job offer it would be beneficial to instead allow US STEM graduates to apply and get H1B without any quota. Tht way they will get into the system and don't need to go back to home country. Giving GC to STEM graduates directly is wrong by law because it bypasses labour and 140 conditions which state that a company is willing to sponser GC for a person based on current market conditions.

    Its already there. 20000 for masters and phd students.

    Giving GC to stem is to bypass them from EB based line, which means they won't consume numbers from 140k. Isn't this good?

    08-12 10:29 PM
    I agree farming is fun! I did farming when I was young back in INDIA!

    Recently I toured entire US except a few states by road. I saw people doing farming in huge lands like other professions. I saw one community from india owning lots of motels/hotels! To my surprise 20/25 motels we stayed were owned by people of indian origin and most were immigrants.
    To all who claim to be stuck in GC queue I strongly suggest a US road trip. It will show you parts of USA which you have not seen as well as relax ur mind.